What should be paid attention to when installing and using ZHAOYUAN self-priming pump? 83

2021-10-11 16:15 | Readtime: 2min

What should be paid attention to when installing and using ZHAOYUAN self-priming pump? 83

1. Before installing the self-priming pump, a suitable concrete foundation should be made according to the foundation size of the self-priming pump, and the anchor bolts should be embedded in the process of making the concrete foundation. The concrete foundation refers to the large self-priming pump product, and the small self-priming pump does not need to be used as the concrete foundation.

2. Before installing the self-priming pump, you should carefully check whether the bolts of the self-priming pump are loose, and whether there is any foreign matter in the pump body, so as to avoid damage to the impeller during the operation of the self-priming pump.

3. Put the self-priming pump on the concrete foundation, put a shock isolation pad between the bottom plate and the foundation, and adjust the level of the shock isolation pad to correct the level of the pump, and tighten the bolts after adjustment.

4. The suction pipe and outlet pipe of the self-priming pump cannot be supported by the pump, but a separate bracket is needed to support the inlet and outlet pipes, and the diameter of the inlet and outlet pipes should be consistent with the diameter of the self-priming pump, especially the inlet pipes. If it becomes larger, it will affect the self-priming height of the self-priming pump. If the inlet pipe of the self-priming pump is reduced during installation, the outlet pipe must also be reduced. We recommend that it is better to configure the corresponding pipe according to the factory standard caliber.

5. When encountering a dust-proof cover at the inlet and outlet of the self-priming pump, remove the dust-proof cover and connect it to the pipe. It should be noted that if you are using a self-priming pump that sucks water faster, the outlet pipe must be It can be turned up 1 meter vertically, otherwise the water diversion in the pump body will be easily drained during the self-priming process.

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