ZHAOYUAN PUMP Tells You Safety hazards caused by chemical anticorrosive pumps 86

2021-10-14 16:03 | Readtime: 2min

Safety hazards caused by chemical anticorrosive pumps 86

If the chemical anticorrosion pump is not selected, there are a lot of safety hazards

01. Recently, many customers call us to inquire about the situation of our industrial and chemical anticorrosive pumps, and ask us whether we are really anticorrosive? I am surprised by this question, because since I started to make chemical anti-corrosion pumps, I have always selected models based on the customer’s site media conditions, and the price may indeed be expensive. However, some customers haven’t broken it for 6-7 years.

02. There are many factories now, even if the model is relatively large, but the industrial chemical pumps used are of many materials and quality and do not meet the real anti-corrosion requirements, resulting in leaks after a long time. NS. Some of them should be explosion-proof motors. In order to attract customers to buy them cheaply, they falsely claim that ordinary motors are OK. In the end, the Da'an problem reappears, but there is no way to verify it. Such unscrupulous merchants have put our entire industry to shame.

03. Although such problems have always existed, we hope that our Zhaoyuan customers will never encounter them.

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1. The main products of ZHAOYUAN Pump: chemical anticorrosive pumps,stainless steel vertical multistage centrifugal pumps, pipeline pumps, anti-clogging sewage pumps and other high-quality products.

2. In China, ZHAOYUAN has served more than 3,000 companies for three consecutive years, and there has never been a customer complaint due to quality and service issues.

3. ZHAOYUAN is the pioneer of anti-clogging sewage pumps and a leading brand in China's anti-clogging pump industry.

4. Some customers: Karchar (the world's leading clean brand), NACHI (Nachi Tokiwa), Towngas, Lee & Man Paper Group, Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Shanghai Nanhui Construction Engineering Group, etc.



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