Zhaoyuan Pump has talked about the traps countless times 89

2021-10-21 15:54 | Readtime: 2min

Zhaoyuan Pump has talked about the traps countless times 89

01. Yesterday at 13:15 pm, I received a call from Fujian Manager Zhang as soon as I went to work. He just yelled and said that he wanted to make a complaint. I thought something was wrong. After asking, I found out that Manager Zhang bought 3sets TD circulating pumps locally in August, and two of them leaked. Because they were just new pumps, it only took one month. He didn’t dare to move because they were still under warranty, so he called Contact the purchaser to report, but there is a door-to-door fee of 200 yuan, and the maintenance fee is at your own expense.

02. Manager Zhang was angry, and the contact person directly said that the selling price at that time only included the cost of the pump, and there was no after-sale service. Manager Zhang sent me the contract and checked it and confirmed that it is genuine, but does not include after-sales, and it should be sold by an outside salesperson affiliated with the sales unit. No wonder I can't complain to him after finding several complaint calls, so At that time, when he bought it, he only wanted to see the cheap price in front of him, so he didn't ask more about the after-sales service. . .

03. Because you want to spend money on things that are as cheap as possible.

And the free things, the more expensive the more like, This is human nature.

In fact, everyone knows the principle of paying for a price, but when it comes to paying for it, that's not the case.

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1. The main products of ZHAOYUAN Pump: stainless steel vertical multistage centrifugal pumps, pipeline pumps, anti-clogging sewage pumps and other high-quality products.

2. In China, ZHAOYUAN has served more than 3,000 companies for three consecutive years, and there has never been a customer complaint due to quality and service issues.

3. ZHAOYUAN is the pioneer of anti-clogging sewage pumps and a leading brand in China's anti-clogging pump industry.

4. Some customers: Karchar (the world's leading clean brand), NACHI (Nachi Tokiwa), Towngas, Lee & Man Paper Group, Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Shanghai Nanhui Construction Engineering Group, etc.



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