ZHAOYUAN Pump Tell You What are the reasons for the water pump leakage? 90

2021-10-22 15:39 | Readtime: 2min

What are the reasons for the water pump leakage? 90

1. When the water pump is installed, the water seal seat ring assembly is not in place, and the water pump continues to leak. Because there is a water ring on the pump shaft corresponding to the inspection hole, when the water seal leaks, the cooling water will be thrown out and dripping out from the inspection hole of the pump when the water seal leaks. Cooling water flowing into the bearing damages the lubrication. In addition, when replacing the water retaining ring, not paying attention to eradicate the inability to bond and seal the pump body and the pump cover well, which will also cause the water pump to leak.

2. The working environment of construction machinery is harsh, which simply constitutes the uneven wear of the bakelite gasket and the end face of the bushing; the spring is soaked in water for a long time, it is easy to rust, the elasticity decreases, and it can also cause water leakage.

3. Forgetting to discharge or unclean water in winter, and the temperature is too high when the water is discharged, and the water vapor in the cooling system freezes after condensation, which may cause the water pump body to be frozen and cracked and cause water leakage.

4. The machine is old, and the parts in the water seal are worn, rusted and aging, which are also the reasons for the leakage of the water pump. When the construction machinery is parked for a long time, because there is no cooling water in the engine, the bakelite gasket is deformed due to drying and shortening; after adding water, the bakelite gasket will swell but cannot completely return to its original state, which will inevitably cause a small amount of water leakage. In addition, regarding the water pump of the new equipment, the bakelite gasket and the cast iron bushing are not completely run-in, which will also cause a small number of water pumps to leak.

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