How to choose ZHAOYUAN pump for wastewater in electroplating plant? 94

2021-11-01 16:36 | Readtime: 2min

How to choose ZHAOYUAN  pump for wastewater in electroplating plant? 94

01. Today, Mr. Wang from an electroplating factory in Suzhou asked me to help select a suitable medium for electroplating wastewater, containing cyanide, with a pH of 2 and a temperature of about 60.

02. Generally, like this kind of acid-alkaline medium, ordinary stainless steel centrifugal pumps are not recommended. It is a waste of money to buy them. Why might it become a disposable product. For such a more corrosive medium, chemical pumps must be used, because this kind of waste water leakage will pollute the environment and threaten the health of human workers.

03. According to the media requirements provided by Mr. Wang, there are several models that meet his requirements. Combined with the customer's installation requirements, he is finally recommended to adapt to the idling acid and alkali resistant self-priming pump made of PVDF Teflon. Horizontal installation.

For general chemical pump requirements, the more we ask during the selection period, the more accurate the model can be determined. In order to prevent the leakage of the on-site outlet.

For truly idling, corrosion-resistant chemical pumps, please look for Zhaoyuan Pumps.

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1. The main products of ZHAOYUAN Pump: stainless steel vertical multistage centrifugal pumps, pipeline pumps, anti-clogging sewage pumps and other high-quality products.

2. In China, ZHAOYUAN has served more than 3,000 companies for three consecutive years, and there has never been a customer complaint due to quality and service issues.

3. ZHAOYUAN is the pioneer of anti-clogging sewage pumps and a leading brand in China's anti-clogging pump industry.

4. Some customers: Karchar (the world's leading clean brand), NACHI (Nachi Tokiwa), Towngas, Lee & Man Paper Group, Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Shanghai Nanhui Construction Engineering Group, etc.



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