The Service Life of Hydraulic Directional Valve is a Hard Index of AAK, Which is Difficult for 90% of Manufacturers to Compete with

2021-11-02 17:17 | Readtime: 3min

The hydraulic directional valves produced by AAK adopts its own proprietary quenching and tempering heat treatment process, which can greatly improve the strength of the hydraulic directional valve, avoid deformation and wear of the hydraulic directional valve in the long-term use process, and significantly increase the service life. Perhaps there is no second comparable manufacturer in Ningbo like this. At most, 10% of the domestic hydraulic valve peers can compete. 

In order to win orders, 50% of the hydraulic valve manufacturers do not do any heat treatment to the materials for the hydraulic parts. Although some hydraulic valve manufacturers insist on heat treatment, they can only be outsourced processing due to without equipment. There are also20% of hydraulic valve manufacturers, who do not have a fixed outsourced processing place, so it is impossible to ensure the heat treatment quality, not to mention the stability.Due to these common problems in the hydraulic valve industry, the hydraulic valve will show many problems after being used for a period of time, such as product deformation and wear. Once the hydraulic valve is deformed, it will easily to be blocked and the service life of thehydraulic valve will be greatly shorten.

5 months ago, Mike, a hydraulic valve customer in the United States, came to me. He had been confused, since 2019, there have been continuous customer complaints about the hydraulic directional valve he purchased. All the complaints are that after the hydraulic directional valve has been used for a period of time, some hydraulic directional valves are deformed and some hydraulic directional valves are worn quickly.

Obviously, there is a problem with the heat treatment of the materials used in the hydraulic directional valve. Since 2019, due to the environmental protection policy, the domestic heat treatment plants have been vigorously rectified, and there are much fewer processing places. 50% of thehydraulic valve manufacturers do not have a place to do heat treatment to the raw materials. Even if heat treatment is done, 20% of the hydraulic valve manufacturers have to change the processing places for each external processing. I sent him several samples of AAK hydraulic directional valve and told him that the material hardness of our hydraulic directional valve has not changed, which always can reach about 50-55HRC or higher, and there is no problem with the special requirement of 65HRC. He didn't know that the service life of hydraulic valve is our hard index.

3 months ago, Mike issued a test order for the hydraulic directional valve. Each different part of the hydraulic directional valve is marked with different hardness requirements. He also wants to know how AAK ensures the service life of the hydraulic directional valve.

To get a long service life of hydraulic directional valve, heat treatment is the first and most critical step. In order to do a good job in heat treatment, AAK has held a heat treatment factory for 10 years. The quenching and tempering heat treatment of hydraulic valve materials is sensitive to temperature. If the temperature is too low, hardness is not enough and easy to deform. On the contrary, it will lead to cracking. Only our proprietary heat treatment process can accurately grasp the appropriate temperature under the operation of a master with more than 6 years of experience. AAK can also select the corresponding heat treatment process and determine the temperature range according to the different working conditions of the hydraulic valve to ensure the service life of the hydraulic valve.

AAK hydraulic directional valve has a service life of more than 90% of its peers,, you can also have a small try.



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