Using Korean Piano Steel Wire as Pressure Spring, AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE Helped British Customer Solve Big Problem

2021-11-04 17:18 | Readtime: 3min

Alston is the purchaser of a British hydraulic valve company. He has been purchasing hydraulic valves in Ningbo for 3 years and has been very smooth. Last month, he purchased a batch of hydraulic pressure valves. During the sample approval process, the automatic pressure regulation of the hydraulic pressure valves was not very stable. The hydraulic valve manufacturer checked again and again, but still could not find the reason. Alston had a headache.  

Alston realized that he has to look for a new hydraulic valve manufacturer to try, otherwise the order would go away. When he sent the detected data and parameter requirements to the hydraulic valve manufacturers he had previously contacted, only one manufacturer told him that it was the problem with the pressure spring material or the processing process, but because of power limitation, he has no time to produce this hydraulic pressure valve order. The other manufacturers replied that they need to make samples first before they knew the results.

Alston felt the pressure. Coincidentally, he heard that the AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE paid great attention to the pressure spring. When we received his email, we understood that this hydraulic pressure valve has very high requirements for automatic adjustment of the pressure spring. We produced and supplied a batch of similar designs to a Russian customer as early as 2 years ago, so we sent him pictures of similar hydraulic pressure valves.

Alston felt that AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE could solve this dilemma and asked how long it would take to produce 1000 hydraulic pressure valves. We advised that the delivery time depends on the production time for the pressure spring, because of power limitation, the production capacity of the pressure spring is very low. According to the warehouse inventory, there are 440 inventories. For the remaining 600, according to the current power consumption, we conservatively estimate that it will take an additional 45-55 days. Therefore, only 400 hydraulic pressure valves can be shipped to him, and the remaining 40 pressure springs should be reserved for make samples for other customers.

For this pressure spring, most of our peers use carbon steel, which will cause the plasticity and toughness of this valve spool to be very general, the tensile strength is relatively weak, and the stability is difficult to control. There is no problem to use it for the general quality requirements.

As early as 5 or 6 years ago, AAK has replaced the carbon steel pressure spring with the piano steel wire pressure spring imported from South Korea. There were only a few manufacturers using it in the whole hydraulic industry in Ningbo. The piano steel wire pressure spring imported from Korea has high strength, good elasticity, fatigue resistance, creep resistance and toughness, smooth and clean surface, strong anti rust ability, specified tensile strength and torsional performance, and there will be no cracks, folds, scars, tensile cracks and corrosion on the surface.

AAK hydraulic pressure valves, with imported piano steel wire pressure spring, can be used with peace of mind. www.aakindustry ,You are courage to try a small order.



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