AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE Classified the Types of Hydraulic Cartridge Valves from the Perspective of Installation, and Berge Puts Down His Uneasy Heart

2021-11-11 13:45 | Readtime: 3min

The types of hydraulic cartridge valves can be classified from different angles. Sometimes, buyers who purchase hydraulic cartridge valves are confused. After all, they are not engineers. In order to classify more simply and intuitively, AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE describes the types of hydraulic cartridge valves from the most extensive installation point of view. In this way, we can divide the hydraulic cartridge valves into 3 types: Insert-type, Slide-in and Screw-in. 

Berge, an old British hydraulic valve customer, was transferred from the quality control department to the import department. He is a very studious buyer. Maybe it's fate, we often discuss some knowledge points about hydraulic valves. Some time ago, he didn't understand that every time,when the domestic hydraulic valve manufacturers receive an inquiry about his hydraulic cartridge valve, they always ask about the type of hydraulic cartridge valve. The question about the type of hydraulic cartridge valve made him very nervous and helpless.

Indeed, there are many types of hydraulic cartridge valves now, from the perspective of function, hole type and scene. We found that they are most commonly classified from the perspective of installation, which is easy to understand and remember. I summarized our hydraulic cartridge valve types to Berge. After reading my following report about the types of the hydraulic cartridge valves, he told me that this classification for the hydraulic cartridge valve types can basically cover more than 80% of the hydraulic cartridge valves. Here, I'll also share with you the types of hydraulic cartridge valves I gave him.

Common types of hydraulic cartridge valves are as follows:

TheInsert-type hydraulic cartridge valves:completely enters the inside of the valve block and does not expose any part outside the valve block. It is positioned by its own thread or other components such as pipe joint, snap ring, retaining ringetc. For example, hydraulic check valve and two-way hydraulic flow regulating valve have this design.

The slide-in hydraulic cartridge valves: it does not have installation threads itself, and the valve spool needs to be used together with the cover plate. The valvespool is integrated in the valve block to switch the oil circuit on and off through pressure and spring force. Different cover plates are used to realize direction control, pressure control and flow control.

Screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves, that is, hydraulic threaded cartridge valves, have different brands and different hole types, which are usually unable to be interchanged in installation. At present, there are 3 commonly used pass types: ISO7789, SAE and SUN.

After understanding the above 3 types of hydraulic cartridge valves, you can basically understand the types of hydraulic cartridge valves, and you can also extend other types of hydraulic cartridge valves. These types of hydraulic cartridge valves are related to each other.

AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE uses the most intuitive installation angle to describes the types of hydraulic cartridge valves. If you have any questions about the hydraulic cartridge valves, please leave a message on AAK website www.aakindustry.com. We are at your service at any time.



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