A Small Hydraulic Check Valve Symbol NearlyKilled the Hydraulic Valve Manufacturer

2021-11-15 17:29 | Readtime: 3min

A tiny detail of the hydraulic check valve symbol direction is wrong, which put the hydraulic check valve manufacturer in a very difficult position, the factory is almost closed. There is a devil in the details. Whether you can grasp the devil of the hydraulic check valve symbol requires you to think every day, in addition to hydraulic check valve, hydraulic check valve, and still hydraulic check valve. 

When I opened the mailbox, I saw the e-mail of Adair who we had known for 3 years. There was a habit with Adair. He purchases only one type of hydraulic valves from each one hydraulic valve manufacturer. We AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE has been his supplier for the hydraulic pressure valves. After reading the email, it was actually a proofing request for a hydraulic check valve, not a hydraulic pressure valve. It was a little abnormal. I thought he sent the wrong email.

I reminded him whether the e-mail was sent by mistake. He said bluntly that he would need 3 samples of the hydraulic check valve as soon as possible, according to the drawings in his email. Somehow, I always felt there was a problem somewhere, and I went to see the drawing of the hydraulic check valve. It is found that in the layout at the bottom of the drawing, the arrow direction on the hydraulic check valve symbol is reversed. For the hydraulic check valve symbol, the arrow direction is reversed, which is fatal. It seems that a designer is unlikely to make such a low-level mistake.

When the technical team got the drawing and started proofing, they called me. The hydraulic check valve symbol on the drawing seemed wrong. I'm glad they can also find that there is an objection to the hydraulic check valve symbol. I askedwhat they think of the hydraulic check valve symbol. They suggested making two sets of samples, one according to the hydraulic check valve symbol on the customer's drawing, and the other is for the hydraulic check valve symbol we understand.

When Adair received two sets of samples, he deliberately asked why they were two sets of samples. When we pointed out the details of the hydraulic check valve symbol, Adair began to tell me the devil's story of the hydraulic check valve symbol.

6 months ago, he sent hishydraulic valve manufacturerthe drawing with this hydraulic check valve symbol,which was made by their chief designer overnight. The hydraulic valve manufacturer proofed according to this drawing. As a result, the hydraulic check valve sample was also approved at one time. The devil began to make trouble from this time. The 2,000 hydraulic check valves were produced and shipped to his customer. The customer is testing a new production line and needs to use these hydraulic check valves. After installation, there is a big problem in startup and commissioning. Because of the wrong direction, the medium returned, polluting the whole new production line, and directly causing a loss of more than 260,000 US dollars. The customer sent the loss list to his boss, who asked the hydraulic valve manufacturer to bear it.

The hydraulic valve manufacturer quickly found out the reason, but did not dare to directly tell the boss that this is the problem that the hydraulic check valve symbol on your drawings is wrongly marked. If offended the designer, there will be even no opportunity to quote in the future. Now the hydraulic valve manufacturer is in a dilemma. Bear the loss, the number is large. Not to bear the loss, they only have this only customer, Adair’s company.

Who would have thought that this hydraulic check valve symbol butterfly wings directly incited the loss of more than 260,000 US dollars across the Atlantic. When the devil comes out, it seems difficult to find a way to the best of both worlds. The only way is to keep the devil in a bottle.

AAK knows that there is a devil when looking at the hydraulic check valve symbol. If there is any problem with the hydraulic check valve symbol, please contact AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE: www.aakindustry.com



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Kevin Wang

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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