Privacy policy

Hebei Jiuxin Culture and Media Co., Ltd. is the operator of the land selection platform (hereinafter referred to as "land selection birth" or "we"). This "Privacy Policy" (hereinafter referred to as "this policy") describes the choice How Derby will handle your personal information and privacy information, and affirms the commitment of Derborn to protect privacy, and Derborn may in the future update or modify this policy based on the information processing situation from time to time. Please read, understand and agree to this policy and any supplementary policies before submitting personal information or privacy information to the selected location. The main points of this privacy policy are as follows;

We will explain the processing of personal information collection, use, protection, etc. one by one, so that you can get an overview of personal information;

When you register for a location-born account and use our services, we will collect your name, gender, age, profile photo or video, ID number, phone number according to your consent and the need to provide services Personal information such as numbers, emails, social accounts, identity verification information, location information and log information;

In addition to the core functions of the product, the selected location provides some additional functions to enhance the user experience, including: message settings, email settings, push notification settings, etc. When you use the additional function born from the location, we will not collect your personal information additionally, unless informed and obtained your consent according to this policy;

When you are not logged in, it will appear as "Guest". In order to better provide you with a convenient and smooth community experience, "guests" can also follow, like, like, collect, reward and other basic community behaviors. In order to facilitate your access to these past information, we need to obtain your equipment number (IMEI_ in order to record and archive;

At present, in addition to laws, regulations, legal procedures, litigation or mandatory requirements of the competent government departments, the choice of location will not take the initiative to publicly disclose your personal information. If there are other situations that require public disclosure of personal information, we will collect With your express consent. At the same time, we promise to disclose security measures that comply with laws and industry standards;

You can access, correct or delete your personal information through the channels listed in this privacy policy, you can also set privacy or contact us;

Your use or continued use of our services means that you agree to our collection, use, storage, sharing, transfer and public disclosure of your relevant information in accordance with this "Privacy Policy";

1. The personal letter we collected;

Personal information refers to various information recorded electronically or in other ways that can identify a natural person’s personal identity alone or in combination with other information, including but not limited to the natural person’s name, date of birth, ID number, personal biometric information, Address, phone number, etc. This kind of information will be collected when you register and use our services, and the choice of location will only collect and use your personal information for the following purposes described in this policy;

1.1 You directly provide the personal letter collected automatically with us;

Registration information. You can register and log in to the registered location-born account by using the services provided by the location-born. At this time, you need to provide us with the following information: account name, avatar (if any), and mobile phone number. After providing the above information and agreeing to the registration agreement and this policy, you can use the core business functions of Borrowed Places, including: browsing the contents of Borrowed Places platform, posting questions, answers, comments, evaluations, etc. When you register for a location-born account, we will use your mobile phone number to verify your real name. If you refuse to provide a mobile phone number or perform a real name verification, you can still browse some of the content in the platform for your local birth, but it will not be available Information publishing services such as questions, posting content, comments, evaluations, etc. Additional information. When you use the location-specific additional business function, in order to meet the purpose of providing you with the product and service, in addition to the registration information, you need to provide us with further information including but not limited to your personally identifiable information, location information and other The information necessary to provide you with services, if you do not use specific products and services, you do not need to provide relevant information (more on this below);

Location information. When you turn on device location and use our location-based services, we collect information about your location. This information is sensitive information, and refusing to provide it will only make you unable to use the functions related to location information, but it will not affect your normal use of other functions arising from the choice of location;

Keyword information. When you use the search service provided by Selective Places, we will collect your query keyword information, device information, etc. In order to provide efficient search services, some of this information will be temporarily stored in your local storage device. Such keyword information usually cannot individually identify you, and your personal information is not within the limits of this policy. Only when your search keyword information is related to your other information and can identify your personal identity, during the combined use, we will use your search keyword information as your personal information and search with you The historical records shall be processed and protected in accordance with this policy;

True identity information. When you use the identity authentication service provided by Selective Places, we will collect your name, ID number, occupation, relevant identification and other information. If you do not provide this information, we will not be able to provide related services;

Contact information. When you file an account complaint or participate in a marketing campaign with a selected location, in order to facilitate contact with you or help you solve the problem, we will collect and record personal information such as your name, mobile phone number, email, and other contact information. If you refuse to provide the above information, we may not be able to respond to your complaint in a timely manner or mail you gifts (if any);

User shared information. When you use the services provided by a third party in the course of choosing a place, you agree that the place choosing allows the third party to collect your account name, avatar and other personal information necessary to provide the service. If you refuse to collect the above information when the third party provides the service, it may cause you to be unable to use the third party service in the life of choice;

1.2 We may obtain your personal information from third parties

You can also use a third-party account (such as WeChat and Weibo) to log in and choose a place to live. At this time, you can choose to authorize the location to be born and read the public information (including but not limited to nickname, avatar, follow user list, etc.) registered, published, and recorded on the third party platform under the premise of complying with relevant laws and regulations. ). For personal information that we request but cannot be provided by third parties, we can still ask you to supplement it. The purpose of obtaining the above information from a third party may be to remember your login identity as a user of the location, and to provide you with personalized recommendations, so that the location can provide you with better quality product service. You can choose to authorize the range of personal information that can be obtained when you use a third-party account to log in to choose a place to live, or you can set the rejection through [Account and Security-Social Account Binding] during the process of using a place to live Or manage the right to obtain your personal information. However, please note that if you stop certain permissions, you may not be able to enjoy the best service experience, and some services may not work properly;

1.3 Examples of obtaining authorized consent;

According to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, collecting your personal information in the following situations does not require your authorized consent;

_) Involving national security and interests, social and public interests;

__) Related activities related to criminal investigation;

_) In order to maintain the safety of your or others’ lives and property, but under special circumstances, you cannot obtain your timely authorization;

__) Collect your personal information from other legal and public channels;

__) Other circumstances as required by laws and regulations;

2. How to use your personal letter when choosing a place to live;

We will use your personal information for the following purposes;

Provide personalized service for you;

Help us design new services and enhance existing service experience;

When we provide services, they are used for identity verification, customer service, security precautions, fraud monitoring, archiving and backup purposes to ensure the safety of the products and services we provide to you;

Send you information about products and services that may be of interest to you; provide you with more relevant advertisements to replace the general advertisements; invite you to participate in location-based activities and market research;

Carry out internal audits, data analysis and research to better improve our products, services and communication with users;

3. How will we use _Cookies and similar techniques;

3.1 Cookie

When you use our service, we will store a small data file named _Cookie on your computer or mobile device. Cookies usually contain identifiers, site names, and some numbers and characters. We use this information to determine whether registered users have logged in, to improve service/product quality and to optimize user experience. If you do not want personal information to be saved in _Cookie, you can configure your browser and choose to disable the cookie function. After the _Cookie function is disabled, it may affect your access to the services provided by the site or cannot fully obtain the services provided by the site;

Cooking for a place will not use _Cookies for any purpose other than those described in this policy. You can manage or delete cookies according to your preferences. You can clear all cookies saved on your computer. Most web browsers have the function of blocking cookies;

3.2 Device permission call

By choosing a location in the process of providing services, you may need to open some device permissions, such as notifications, albums, cameras, mobile phone contacts, Bluetooth and other access rights. You can also choose to turn off some or all of the permissions at any time in the device's settings function, thereby refusing to collect personal information by choosing a location. In different devices, the permission display method and the closing method may be different. For details, please refer to the instructions or guidelines of the device and system developer;

4 How will we share, transfer and publicly disclose your personal information

4.1 Sharing

By choosing a place, you will not provide your personal information to third parties without your consent or authorization. However, with your confirmation and consent, you can share your personal information under the following circumstances;

Share with consent: After obtaining your explicit consent, choosing a place to live will share your personal information with other parties;

Shared to an affiliated company born in a selected location: Within the scope of the purpose of use of this policy statement, your personal information may be shared with an affiliated company born in a selective location. As a policy, we will only share the necessary information. If the affiliated company wants to change the purpose of processing personal information, it will seek your authorization and consent again;

Share with authorized partners: Born to choose a location may share some of your personal information with partners to provide better customer service and user experience. For example, when you choose to send a gift (if any) to you, you must share your personal information with the logistics service provider to arrange delivery, or arrange for a partner to provide you with services. We will only process your personal information for specific, clear and legal purposes, and will only share the information necessary to provide the service. At the same time, we will sign strict confidentiality agreements with them and require them to process personal information in accordance with our instructions, this policy and any other related confidentiality and security measures;

Sharing under legal circumstances: We may share your personal information externally in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, the need for litigation dispute resolution, or as required by the administrative and judicial authorities according to law;

4.2 Transfer

We will not transfer your personal information to any company, organization or individual, except for the following cases;

Transfer with explicit consent: After obtaining your explicit consent, we will transfer your personal information to other parties;

When involving mergers, acquisitions or bankruptcy liquidation, if it involves the transfer of personal information, we will require new companies and organizations that hold your personal information to continue to be bound by this privacy policy, otherwise we will require that company or organization Asking for authorization again from you;

4.3 Public disclosure

We will only publicly disclose your personal information under the following circumstances and on the premise of taking security protection measures that comply with laws and industry standards

Obtain your explicit consent;

Based on laws and regulations, legal procedures, litigation or mandatory requirements of government authorities. However, we guarantee that, under the premise of complying with laws and regulations, when we receive the above-mentioned request for information disclosure, we will request that a corresponding legal document must be issued;

5. How to manage your personal information

We will do everything possible to take appropriate technical measures to ensure the accuracy of the personal information collected about you and to ensure timely updates;

You can also access, correct and delete your personal information through the "Settings" page, in accordance with the relevant policies and tips born in the selected place;

At the same time, we respect your personal choice. If you do not want to be searched by search engines, you can check the "Privacy Protection" setting in "Settings". When you browse the page from outside the site, your nickname will be displayed as "Birthplace User" and the avatar picture will also be Was hidden;

6. Promotion service

We may use your personal information to provide or promote our or third-party goods and services to you through private messages, emails, or other means on our site;

If you don’t want us to send you the relevant information of the above goods or services through the bound mailbox, you can set it through "Mail Settings",


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