How do template websites do SEO optimization?

2020-03-31 11:41 | Readtime: 43sec

In fact, whether it is a template website or a regular website, and the website is optimized, the two most important points are: 1. the number of entries; 2. the external link;

     However, the premise is the keyword layout, the originality of the article content, and the relevance of the original content to the main keywords.

     The content is king, and the external link is king.

     Do other areas need to be optimized, of course, such as: code optimization, picture optimization, design architecture optimization, and so on.

     Of course, many people don't understand the code. If the website infrastructure is not good, then the keywords on the homepage of the website are well laid out, and the ownership is redirected to the homepage. All content is written around the keywords on the homepage.



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