Original article written like this? How do newbies write art

2020-03-31 11:42 | Readtime: 52sec

I woke up earlier today, because I slept earlier yesterday, and I ca n’t sleep anymore after waking up, I ’d better go to the company and write something ~ Washing is over, it ’s foggy and I do n’t feel very cold. Someone started to exercise (running and doing exercises) on foot to the company and sitting in front of the computer, but I couldn't think of a good subject, I didn't know what to write, I couldn't start ...

     At this time, I thought of a problem. It is very important to do promotional content on the Internet. It is not possible to write it. What should I do when there is no idea?

    I started to think about the method I used before, and made a summary by the way:

1. Use the mind map to list the titles to be written in advance, and then write them carefully one by one.

2. Record your daily work life (write a diary and keep a running account).

3. Write articles based on the keywords you promote.

Here comes the idea, mentioning a pen is an original good article, haven't you seen it?



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