One of the three laws of success: the law of lotus

2020-03-31 11:42 | Readtime: 1min

Lotus law

    Every day, the number of lotuses in a pond is doubled.

    By the 30th day, the lotus would fill the entire pond.

    May I ask: in the first few days the lotus in the pond is half bloomed? Day 15? wrong! It's the 29th day. This is the law of lotus.

    On the first day, only a small part of it opened, and the next day, they opened twice as fast as the previous day.

    By the 29th day, the lotus was only half full, and the last half would not be full until the last day.

    In other words: the last day has the fastest speed, which is equal to the sum of the previous 29 days.

    This is the famous law of lotus. 【turn】

    The deep truth lies in this: success requires accumulation of thin hair and accumulation of sediment.

    This law was the earliest to listen to a public speech by Ma Yun, and through this law to associate life, you will happen, many people's life is like a lotus in the pond, at the beginning to open vigorously, desperately open ... .

    But gradually, people start to feel boring and even bored. You may give up persistence on the 9th, 19th or even 29th day.

    At this time, giving up at this time is often only one step away from success.

    Many times, or even most of the time, the key to success is the persistence.

    It is said that people can meet about 7 times in their lives, which are opportunities that can change their lives. Such opportunities are often encountered in the previous days and days.

    Therefore, if there is a dream, it must first move, and then it will be carried out unswervingly.



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