One of the Three Laws of Success: Bamboo's Law

2020-03-31 11:42 | Readtime: 2min

Bamboo Law

    It took 4 years for the bamboo to grow only 3cm.

    From the fifth year, he grew wildly at a speed of 30cm per day, and it took only six weeks to grow to 15 meters.

    In fact, in the first four years, bamboo has extended its roots in the soil by hundreds of square meters.

    The same is true for people.

    Don't worry that your efforts at this moment will not be rewarded, because these efforts are to take root.

    Life needs reserves. How many people haven't survived those three centimeters?

What is value?

    The same are two bamboos, one made into a flute and one made into a clothes bar.

    The clothes bar asked Dizi unconvinced: We are all bamboos on the same mountain. Why do I sun and rain every day? And you are worth a thousand dollars?

   Dizi replied: Because you have only been stabbed, but I have gone through thousands of sculpted swords, carefully crafted, and the clothes bar is silent at this time.

    Life is also the same. Life can be valuable only if it can withstand grind, withstand loneliness, bear responsibility, and shoulder a mission.

    When you see others brilliant, don't be jealous, because others pay more than you.

    Chinese scholar Qian Mu said, "People who have made great achievements from ancient to modern times can do stupid things without him."

    Hu Shi also said: "There are too many smart people in this world, and too few people are willing to do stupid work, so the successful ones are only a few."

    Speaking of Qian Zhongshu's full-bodied economy, people often attribute it to his high talent and strong memory.

    In fact, Qian Zhongshu's knowledge is extensive and profound, and more comes from the hard work of the day after tomorrow.

    Qian Zhongshu University classmate Xu Zhende described it as follows: When he was at school, he read Chinese classics for a week, read European and American masterpieces for a week, and did it interactively for four years like a day.

    Every time I go to the library to borrow books and return books, I will hold five or six huge volumes, and run wild. After reading a volume, you must make a note ...

    The "Cone Cone", which represents his academic achievements, quotes tens of thousands of documentary evidence from tens of thousands of works by more than 4,000 famous masters.

    Some people may not know that after he entered Tsinghua, his goal was to "sweep the Tsinghua Library."

    His academic experience was: "The smarter you are, the more stupid you must be."

    "Heart in one art, his art must work, and one heart in one position, his position must be performed."

    Growth does not happen overnight. There is no way to start a life, it is just accumulation.

This is called the Bamboo Law! 【turn】



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