Discuss the story of Jack Ma and Ralph Lauren!

2020-03-31 11:43 | Readtime: 48sec

Today, I talked with the programmer while drinking revolutionary wine while talking about the development ... Come to this topic!

     I wear RALPH LAUREN clothes because Mr. Zhang is wearing it. @ Zhang Youwei Mr. Zhang wears Ralph Lauren because the story of the founder impressed him. Ms. Zhang is a loyal fan of Ralph Lauren, and Ma Yun also passes through Ralph Lauren. Why is Ma Yun? Wear this brand? ? ?

    Our programmer said that it may be because Ralph Lauren settled in Tmall. Jack Ma supported it and wore the brand. Of course, this is a joke.

    I think it is likely that Jack Ma saw this brand by chance (of course, he saw many brands by accident) and was moved by the story of this brand before choosing him.

    You see, how important the entrepreneurial story is! How important a brand story is!


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