How to write a business story? Talk

2020-03-31 11:43 | Readtime: 1min

Writing a business story is not just to record the history of the business. Who should you write to before you write it? There is a story every day in the entrepreneurial process. Why write this story? What profound significance does she have? The success or failure of a project may resonate with others; beautiful language is more fascinating.

    When we write so many entrepreneurial stories, we must first consider how to let customers see it, where is the customer? How can he (her) see it?

    The sea of stars on the Internet, the most easily found by customers is the search engine (Taobao / Tmall also searches). Of course, the customer is not to find you, but to find him (her) when he needs you, and you say " By coincidence ", I just saw your" story ". You said that by coincidence, it was his (her) needs, hahaha ~ All this is a routine.

    Many students have a headache when they write an article. See if the above questions have some ideas?

    If you still have no idea, you can try this method and write the real story content with your client's needs as the title (note: the title is very important, very important, very important) It all starts with this title.

    So you will see that many of the members of # Zediersheng# write titles that contain keywords;

    Of course, many people write product manuals as they are written. This is a taboo. Do not write product manuals. There must be stories, stories around this keyword ~

Most people like to read celebrity memoirs (monologues), and most people like to see ordinary people's "interesting" dialogue.



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