Interpretation of Baidu Baijiahao official statement! (Janua

2020-03-31 11:44 | Readtime: 58sec

1. Baidu said that Baijiahao accounted for only 10% of the search results, but any keyword search results are millions of tens of millions of results pages, 10% is indeed very small but is ranked in the top three pages (customers rarely see the second Search results after page)

2. Improving the content ecological experience, I think that measures like Bear's Palm will be more fair than Baijia.

3. The 1.9 million 100 accounts cover all authoritative media and consulting agencies. Do they not have an official website? There are seniors.

4. Google has long advocated that the official website ’s adaptive website ranking will have an advantage, and Baidu is the best site for the PC and mobile. The mobile terminal is ranked separately, which has led to many websites requiring mobile terminals.

     This statement is too anxious ~ if we do not grasp the problem technically, we cannot solve the fundamental problem.

Because the bidding is regulated, Baidu pays close attention to seo to optimize free traffic, and ca n’t wait for the search results to be all its own stations / relationship stations / paid advertising stations, which is unfair!



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