Network promotion: helplessness of businessman!

2020-03-31 11:44 | Readtime: 1min

This is a good time. As long as you have talent, there will be a platform to display it. Of course, any period is a good time.

    However, the disadvantage is that each platform has its own rules. As businessmen, we are restricted and cannot publish content of an advertising nature. It is also very helpless.

    The content of videos and pictures is slightly better, not so strict, but the content of copywriting is not enough. It cannot be published with a bit of advertising. It has been ruthlessly deleted by major platforms. In severe cases, it has even been blocked.

    So # Zediersheng# has made a bold decision to allow content to have contact information such as phone URLs and even advertising soft texts, which can be published. Selective births are not only a place to write business stories, but also a place to refine and refine advertising soft texts. , Not to mention the ranking of search engines (Baidu, etc ...) is pretty good.

    We have also developed the "Micro Business Card" function with the times, so that your business card has a story, and your story has a business card!

    Not only good for content, but also good for spreading ...

    A businessman who loves writing is not bad.

  Born to You, you are welcome to write the story of you or your product.



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