Morning essay

2020-03-31 11:45 | Readtime: 48sec

This morning ’s morning will have a new requirement for all of our colleagues. Everyone has to write their own “story”. People have a story inherently. To record it, at least to record daily work experience. This is very helpful for the future work, especially the salesman, the experience of docking with customers every day, at least a week to write an article.

# Zediersheng# Every day three provinces of my body

     Why did the customer reject me? Why didn't I deal for a long time? Why did the customer make a deal quickly? Wait ~

     The documentary story is nothing else. For your own summary, the gains / losses of the work, it is better to remember than to write badly. Write down a deep impression.

Either record your own entrepreneurial story or your job history. Your story will make customers / leaders / boss / new friends quickly understand you. Those who want to work with you must be interested in your story.



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