Many students in the classroom found that the sales of indus

2020-03-31 11:50 | Readtime: 1min

In the afternoon, I communicated with a boss student in Dayou class for more than an hour by voice + telephone + WeChat text. His company is a single product of industrial products. Last year it made more than 8 million sales on Taobao (also interesting industrial products actually sell very well on Taobao). This year, it began to force Baidu + B2B. "Start" (through train is quite willing, but also smooth sailing) SEO has begun to show results, the core keywords ranked Baidu mobile first 5 pages.

    What problem was resolved today?

1. Baidu bidding SEM has selected more than 1,000 long-tail keywords, and only put them in a certain province. It is recommended that because it is a single product, some core keywords should be put, increase the word bid, and focus on more than 10 keywords. .

2. In terms of SEO, continue to increase the content collection volume, register for Bear Palm, and access the website.

3. Since the product quality is good and the price is appropriate, the selling point should increase the price-related slogan.

4. The design of the auction landing page, especially the content of the mobile terminal page copy.

    After the product details page is changed, Baidu Bidding SEM will be released for 1-2 weeks, and we will hold the data for the next communication.



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