Raw material price increase, QiRui massager did not raise pr

2020-05-01 20:39 | Readtime: 2min
Power supply safety: After 3000V short-time high voltage and leakage prevention safety test;
When a client consulted our massagers in the morning, he asked a more intuitive question, the massager which he bought encountered an explosion. How could such serious problem pass the safety test? It is known that the adapter power supply of massager excessive load and the capacitor inside is bursting. Fortunately, there is no fire and personal injury. Then, I asked customer to take a picture and show me what reason was. The result is that the adapter power supply is non-standard.
The massager products, whether directly plugged in or with adaptor power, shall be subjected to 3000V short-time high voltage withstand test in the factory and sampling inspection. It is to test whether the massager will have any adverse conditions or cause explosion and combustion safety problems under short-term high pressure conditions. If the raw material power adapter of the massager does not cut corners and falsified, normally, it is impossible to have short circuit and explosion problems.
At present, the massager market has been a Dead Sea of admixture of good and evil. Many manufacturers in order to survive, all kinds of falsification, deliberately reduce the product safety standards and product quality of the massager to impact the market. Take the power adapter of massager for example, the online price is varied, cheap a few dollars, expensive more than 20, the appearance looks hard to distinguish which manufacturer is good, which adapter is good. There is, as everyone knows, Qirui massager full quality for 6 years.
Qirui massager shall be confirmed after inspection and test in every link of raw material purchase and parts entering the factory. And for each massager is to withstand 3000V short-term high voltage capacity test. No matter the mode of production or sampling inspection, the product and the power adapter shall not have any abnormal phenomenon. Inspection records show that Qirui massager is implemented in accordance with ISO13485 medical quality management system in all procedures. In some purchasing links, Mr. Wang checked the original contract of the purchasing department in the factory, especially confirmed the purchase of the inole power adapter, so as to distinguish it from the most fraudulent industrial behaviors of massager manufacturers in the current market. The power adapter of the massager is an important accessory, which is directly related to the strength and noise level of the massager.


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