Back massager,QiRui massager equipment has low noise and goo

2020-05-03 20:34 | Readtime: 2min

Today we are going to talk about the adjustable temperature control the massager. Normally, the massager itself has a thermal protection device which mostly controls the heat generated by the motor. Then what controls the temperature adjustment of the massage head? What characteristics does it has?back massager

In recent years, with the development of the Internet, the number of people engaged in the computer industry has been also highly increasing. The number of people who rely on computers for office work is going up year by year. The people who sit for a long time in office, play games and watching TV series, especially IT workers, long-term drivers and professional teachers, are the main incidence of crowd of cervical spondylosis, and most of them are between twenty and thirty.back massager

Combined with the proliferation of mobile phones and incorrect posture in our daily life, cervical spondylosis caused by muscle degeneration has been spreading around us. Almost everyone has the desire to relax and massage the neck, back, shoulders and waist. There emerged a large number of massagers on the market, and the commonly used are the acupressure massager and neckline massager. Nowadays everyone almost from day to night keeps mobile phone do in the hand. Keeping looking down for such a long time leads to the severe load on the cervical vertebra, which is no less than the load of physical labour. Undoubtedly, it is an ideal way to use a massager to relax under that condition.back massager

Fu’an city is the massager industry base of China, which has formed a large - scale industrial chain of massager based on massagers. It is no exaggeration to say that you can easily assemble a massager by purchasing parts without leaving Fu’an. Massager should have greater safeguard on quality of course. That is to say, the purchase of raw materials must be put great emphasis on. Take the heating of the massage head as an example. If the massager needs the characteristics that fast heating and controllable temperature we should use the components themselves that have the function of automatic temperature control. The PTC ceramic components with high accuracy of thermostatic control, small influence of voltage fluctuation, safe and reliable use and long service life is what we require.



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