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2020-05-04 20:25 | Readtime: 3min

Consumers often don't know which brand of massager is good. In terms of brands, there are not many well-known brands in the massager market. When we choose a massager, we all will go to search their popularity on the Internet.

In the massager market, the differences of massagers vary greatly from types to brands, prices ranging from dozens to hundreds. So what are the differences between these high-priced massagers and low-priced massagers?

1.The difference in appearance. The volume of most of the massagers for a few dozen yuan on the general massager market is small, and the structure is also simple and rough. Generally, low-priced products from leather and other raw materials are selected according to the price. you want him to take more than 100 yuan of massage equipment to do how could it be possible that a ¥30 massager is made of materials worth more than ¥100.

2.In addition to the different appearances, what is more important is the difference on comfort. The main factors that affect the comfort are the strength, compactness with human body curve, massage movement and the adjustable function of massage head. Of course, to a large extent, leather also affects comfort. In general, the expensive massagers all strictly stick to "One inch, seven stitches" international standard. The leather cover made entirely by hand is environmental friendly, skin-friendly and formaldehyde-free. The length of stitches is controlled at 0.4cm, and the error should not exceed 0.25mm. The height of the massage head fits the body shape well. It has the designs that the massage head can fit our body shape and spine curve, and that massage strength will be based on the degree of adaptation of body parts.

3.Noise. High price massager don’t produce big noise after long-term use. If it does, it will be attributed to the machine itself. A cheap massager, on the other hand, is not guaranteed to be noise-free after a period of use. This is also the quality difference between the high-priced and the low-priced.

4.Different service life. Besides the quality of spare and accessory parts, the quality of power adapter, leather materials, movement housing and motor will also affect the service life of the whole massager. 

5.Different after-sale protection. There are a lot of cheap massagers. It won’t take long for some problems that you can't handle to emerge after buying online today. At this time, the network after-sales process can be troublesome for the low-priced massager sold online. However, the after-sale service for some high - priced massager is simpler, and there is no cutting corners or shoddy workmanship on raw materials. Basically, there is no quality problems.

6.The quality of the raw materials. The raw materials of massagers with good function are chosen strictly according to domestic and international standard. The cover chooses environmentally friendly, green, safe and air permeable leather. Use seamless steel tube, silent motor, high torque, low temperature rise and low noise. Motor bearings reach domestic and foreign standards. Synchronous gear is made of POM. All these effectively reduce noise and prolong the service life. But the massagers with bad function use less durable raw materials, which is easy to wear out. It will produce loud noise and its movement housing is made of secondary materials and black materials. Inside the motor is aluminum wire.



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