QiRui massager Use sponge that meets CA117 standard. It’s en

2020-05-10 20:09 | Readtime: 2min

Use sponge that meets CA117 standard. It’s environmentally friendly and safe.

The body of the massager is made of highly resilient sponges which is the first choice of high-grade sofa, mattress and massager. This type sponge is extremely resilient and breathable and it has good resistance to hydrothermal aging and dynamic fatigue.

Current massager market has already been the “Dead Sea”in which there are all sorts of counterfeit and shoddy products. Many massager manufacturers reduce the density of sponges or directly add powder to them to add weight to save money. Some manufacturers harden sponges, and misdirect customers that hard sponges are better. The quality of sponge is based on resilience, whether it is powdered and flame retardant. Even sponges with same weight is also much different in price. The price of sponge also varies a lot. Its raw materials are extracted from oil, so its price also varies with the oil price. Sometimes, the price even varies two or three times.

A good sponge should be soft, delicate, smooth and malleable. The higher density the sponge has, the heavier it is and better elasticity it has. The strong support is produced by the small holes in the sponge. Normal sponges are a little bit smelly. If there is a pungent taste, it is a poor quality sponge. Poor quality sponges produce uneven foam with large holes. Such sponges also feel rough and have poor elasticity. If you squeeze it, it will sag easily. Poor tensile force leads to easy fracture. Sponges with stone powder are prone to slip if you scratch.

The sponge that Qirui adopts is up to CA117 standard. The products have passed the cycle test of low temperature minus 20℃and high temperature 80℃ for 24 hours. It has the resistance to fire, water, corrosion and tension. No joint resilience. Our massagers which are environmentally friendly and safe also have good anti-shock buffering performance.






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