Qirui shiatsu back massager bearings with original humanisti

2020-05-11 19:48 | Readtime: 3min

Massager(shiatsu back massager) that is popular in modern families can help people effectively relieve fatigue. But a lot of low-priced and low-quality massagers(shiatsu back massager) are full of the market. After buying, people just discover that there exists all sorts of problems like big noise, poor comfort inferior and less environmentally friendly materials, unpleasant smell, etc. Many consumers are questioning. What's wrong with massages(shiatsu back massager) in China? Can we still trust Chinese massagers?

Facing the situation that Good and bad products mix in massager(shiatsu back massager) market, Wang huaping, general manager of Qirui company, put forward the production concept with high standard and strict requirements. The problem of loud noise should be solved first. Massage needs to be done in a relaxing and quiet environment. If the machine is running with noise, it will undoubtedly affect the effect of massage. 

Now the massager(shiatsu back massager) has been processed and manufactured through the automatic CNC processing cente. But why do so many products have such and such quality problems? One of the most important reasons is that market homogenization is serious. It is difficult to tell the same products from their appearances while prices vary widely. The consumers also cannot distinguish which is good and which brand's quality is excellent. Another reason is that consumers are accustomed to choose the price first when buying massager(shiatsu back massager) products. Then they go to blame it to the poor quality when there is a quality problem.

At the beginning of this year, Hengsheng company, manufacturing Qirui massager(shiatsu back massager) motor, introduced the intelligent automatic CNC machining center, which makes we completely get rid of the domestic manufacturing technology that relies on mechanical and manual mixed operation at present. The manufacturing technology of massager(shiatsu back massager) will have a milestone change. The motor rotor, shaft and other related parts processed by the intelligent automatic CNC machining center have higher interchangeability and safety with other parts, so that the performance of the massager is more stable.

We're serious about making massages. Every massager(shiatsu back massager) from our Qirui company is produced like luxury goods. From 2019, Qirui company strictly checks products from the purchase of raw materials for massager based on the requirements of load, considering working conditions, load nature, production process, power supply and other factors. Especially for the matching degree of massager motor and gear, we always choose seamless steel tube motor with high torque, low noise, double high material and high performance magnetic tile. We adopt synchronous gear with high precision and hardness. The precision of imported DuPont POM is up to the fifth level, which leads to the more durable gear surface. Therefore, the service life can be prolonged while the noise is effectively reduced.



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