Qirui massager motor adopts high quality material and high p

2020-05-13 20:35 | Readtime: 2min

Low noise and high temperature resistance: The motor casing in which has built-in EMC anti-interference adopts seamless steel tube and QZ-2/130 class H insulated pure copper wire with high temperature resistance. Therefore, it has low noise and high temperature resistance and safety.

Today let's talk about why the motor shell is made of seamless steel tube. The motor housing is divided into seamless steel tube housing and steel coil housing, which directly affects the coordination and the use effect of motor. Seamless steel tube housing is a unibody while the iron sheet coil housing is spliced with iron sheet. In the process of use, seamless steel tube housing motor is one or two times better than steel coil housing motor in the motor performance of heat, vibration, sound, energy saving and the final service life. Of course, the price is higher. It is what we called that you get what you pay for.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the number and types of home appliances and electronic devices are increasing. Electromagnetic harassment between electrical products is increasingly complex, and such bad electromagnetic environment will also have a negative impact on people's life and ecology. In order to operate in the electromagnetic environment without producing intolerable electromagnetic interference to any equipment in the environment and to be free from electromagnetic interference from other electronic devices, our motor is installed with built-in EMC anti-interference which effectively avoids the impact and harm on consumers' daily cultural life and even personal safety.

Massager enterprises fight price wars in order to survive, and the industry abounds in cost-cutting techniques, such as on power adapter, movement motor, leather cover and sponge, etc. Even if the same kind of motor, different areas and different materials lead to different manufacturer prices. And these make consumers confused and distinguish hard.

It has no change on motor housing, so many massager companies work on expensive copper wire. The motors of copper clad aluminum and aluminum wire came up. Even the copper wire of pure copper wire motor has different wire diameters and toughness, even the non-standard copper wire is used which has no insulation and high temperature resistance. Under such circumstances, Qirui always adheres to adopt built-in EMC anti-interference, QZ-2/130 class H insulated pure copper wire that has a resistance to the temperature of 130℃ and seamless steel tube motor. All these improve the level of temperature resistance and the quality and security of products while efficiently reduce noise.



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