Qirui Massager adopts advanced NC machining,interchangeabili

2020-05-14 20:29 | Readtime: 2min

At present, homogenization of massager products is more and more common in the domestic market, especially in the massager industry. The style and specifications of massager products in the market are not clearly stated. Most enterprises in the market are competing to imitate production. But the technical difficulty of diversification of product structure is relatively hard, which still needs to be further studied. As far as the product itself is concerned, it is hard to find an exciting and distinctive point which consumers are shocked by. At this time, the key is that enterprises should stand in the position of consumers, pay attention to the point of consumer concern and then analyze and render.

As a customized industry, using different hardware materials as the main materials, the products of massager industry have their own characteristics. Care about the needs of the user from the heart, pay attention to needs of consumers and whether the products meet their desires. For example, you may wonder if the user is satisfied after using the massager, if there is any malfunction, I should go to hear their opinions and so on.

For this reason Qirui has been adhering to the brand concept which has been vested since the establishment of our company that quality is as long as the sun and the moon and integrity is firmer than Mount Tai to carefully select even on the most inconspicuouspats such as magnetic tile and carbon brush. The quality of the magnetic tile is related to the motor's efficiency, power and torque, and higher magnetic energy makes the efficiency of the motor better. Qirui massager adopts magnetic tile with double high materials and high performance and high quality carbon brush motor. So it has small starting current, and the motor’s temperature stability is good. The impact of power supply is small. It is more wear-resistant without losing magnetic, high efficiency and stable performance, and prolongs the service life as well.






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