Qirui massager wear-resistant tooth surface, improve service

2020-05-15 21:55 | Readtime: 2min

At present the competition of many domestic massager enterprises comes from the low cost, the price war is raging, and the profit of massager is getting thinner and thinner. The domestic massager has bright prospect and attractive market compared with foreign high-grade massager. Massager enterprises should focus on the production of high-grade massager for the future of the enterprise. High-grade massager, such a sunrise industry, has a huge appeal and its potential market is vast.

Massager industry is not only a traditional industry, but also closely related to high and new technology. In today's rapid development of massager technology, it is difficult for enterprises to get ahead in their industry if they do not master advanced equipment and design level or do not have a group of high-quality professionals.

A massager seems simple, but it takes many processes to complete. Some high value-added massagers need dozens of production processes to produce. However, under the domestic price war, a massager which only has a profit of a few cents not only has anti-collision and automatic functions, but also has more humanized functions, what’s more, it also requires appreciation and environmental protection functions.

Some time ago, the incident that Internet O2O rental brand formaldehyde house event made uproar and let everyone know that there is no bottom line for unscrupulous merchants. Afterwards, now a lot of people also concerned about whether formaldehyde of the product that they bought reaches standard. The main source of formaldehyde produced by massager is from leather, so the quality of leather is not only related to use feeling, but also to health.

Qirui massagers adhere to the use of green, environment-friendly and skin-friendly leather materials without formaldehyde. The products passed bionic flexural tests for more than 50,000 times. In the lathe, the leather are hand stitched, strictly in accordance with the international standard of “One inch,seven stitches”The thread length should be controlled within 0.4cm and the error should not exceed 0.25mm. European & American standard we are up to makes you save 30% of your money. We have standardized design and production. Each massager will pass 20 minutes of silent detection and 40 minutes of running re-test before leaving the factory. Only after passing the test can it be delivered out of the factory.



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