Qirui Massager Device After Short-term High Voltage and Leak

2020-05-16 19:22 | Readtime: 3min
High temperature: 60C°±2C° low temperature: -20C°±2C°
There is no disintegration or abnormality after 24-hour weather resistance cycle test at high and low temperature. Ensure stable quality.

In the natural environment, temperature and humidity are two inseparable natural factors. The effect of temperature and humidity is different in different geographical locations.

The massager consists of different materials and electronic components. The adaptability of storage, transportation and use in the environment of high temperature and low temperature will also make it produce different physical changes due to the environmental temperature, humidity and climate.

Yesterday, I talked with a customer in Ho Chi Minh City, and his massager distributors used a lot of non-standard materials to lower the price and increase the profit of the products. Along with the hotter weather now, the quality problems that serious fuselage heating and the crack of motor teeth and casing arose. As a result of reducing the cost, a lot of material components are shoddy and cut corners. With the change of season and environment, it is normal for them to have these problems that crash, cracks, unable to boot and abnormal motor teeth. Massager will be used in different environment of different countries and areas, and will encounter different climates with all sorts of temperature and humidity. So its material standards and requirements are different as well. Many massager companies just cut costs, lower standards and cut corners, and don't consider the environmental factors. It is normal for them to have the above problems.

Qirui massager is strictly controlled in the selection of materials and has no quality complaints from customers for 4 consecutive years. We serve more than 1,530 customers a year and export products to 23 countries and regions. The whole massager strictly passes the weather resistant cycle test for storage and use at high and low temperature in order to be suitable for different countries and regions in different environments and climates and ensure stable quality. Storage test of massager at high and low temperature. After the products are placed at high temperature (60℃±2℃) and low temperature (-18℃±2℃) for 12 hours respectively, when the products return to normal temperature, the appearance requirements shall be checked that there is no defect or crack, and the structure and performance shall be normal.

Cold and heat resistance cycling test: The massager is placed at ambient temperature-18±2℃ for 6 hours and then at ambient temperature 60±2℃for 6 hours. This is a cycle. After two cycles, when the product returns to normal temperature, check the appearance that there is no defects or cracks and the structure and performance are normal.

Operating at the highest temperature 0C° and the lowest temperature 35C° for 2 hours respectively, the machine should still operate normally without splitting or no abnormal affects for the appearance and function



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