Qirui massager Insist on Quality Production for 6 Years Ther

2020-05-17 21:32 | Readtime: 2min

Stable transmission and high bearing capacity: The worm teeth continuously meshes with worm gear teeth without the entry and exit processes. That results in the smooth and steady running, avoiding the pulsating noise shock and vibration when you start it.

After so many years, has the maturity of massager technology developed to the point of no development? Is there nothing to change except the appearance? In theory it is. But why is the Qirui massager 8% quieter than the competitors’?

The massager industry has been developing for nearly 30 years and its technical maturity has reached its peak. But at present the result of the serious overcapacity and homogenization of massagers , leading to vicious competition in the market price war, is that there are plenty of fake and inferior products. Many sellers discuss with the factories to use the aluminum motor or ABS from Jilin, Lanzhou and Tianjin Chemical Factory to reduce costs, or even use secondary and black materials which contain methylbenzene. The current domestic market is a mess, and users do not know which good and which has problems.

Also, don't expect these non-standard massagers to be cheap. They won't. Those enterprises are smarter than the users. The prices of those massagers are cheaper than our regular enterprise indeed, but absolutely not half or more cheaper. Because if it is too cheap, users won’t believe. So they will price their products lower than the Qirui massagers’. The prices are close to ours, always being cheaper than ours, and then you will think that you gain extra advantage. This is the reality of the massager market today.

The massager market is no longer a competitive “red sea”, but a “dead sea” full of counterfeit and shoddy massagers. Our old and new customers have consistently gave us feedback that Qirui massager is 8% quieter than the peers’, of which the the fundamental reason is that Qirui produces products with good quality and good service. We never manufactured counterfeit and shoddy massagers. So far qirui massager has received zero quality complaint for five consecutive years. The number of teeth meshing at the same time of worm teeth and turbine teeth is large and the meshing is continuous. Thus the running is smooth and steady, avoiding the pulsating noise shock and vibration when you start it.



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