Zhang Kaihui entrepreneurial story

2020-06-01 17:21 | Readtime: 3min

      I (Zhang Kaihui), born in a small rural village in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province in 1990, majored in accounting at a university. During my internship, I went to an agent bookkeeping company for an internship. After graduation, I helped at the hardware store at home.

      After my father (Zhang Qingguo) 60 years old, at the age of fifteen, he went to work in Sanfangxiang Spinning Factory in Zhouzhuang Town, Jiangyin City. Then the whole family worked in Sanfangxiang Group. My father was a business savvy since he was a child. At that time, he went to work while doing a small business. Later he opened a dry goods store, and he did this for five or six years.

      In 2001, in order to meet the needs of consumers, his father slowly expanded the scope of business, and his mother left the company to formally start a business.

      In 2003, my father and uncle bought a facade house close to major traffic routes. At the beginning, when he was not sure what to do, he continued to sell department stores. Gradually, Zhouzhuang's factories sprang up. Looking at this development trend, another father was born as a mechanic, and finally decided to sell industrial products such as hardware and labor insurance.

      In 2004, family members left one after another, and a whole family of people were busy around this hardware store. Business is slowly getting on track and doing better and better.

      In 2006, his father said that he wanted to make the store bigger and better, he must be formal, and he registered Jiangyin Rongguo Trading Co., Ltd.

      In 2012, I joined the family team after graduation. Although I know what products are probably sold in the store, some products I don't know at all, it took almost a year to understand the products. I'm in charge of simple cashier financial work like invoicing in the store.

      In 2013, the old store was demolished and it took 3 months to move to the current location. We are out of town, there is no connection here, 80% of the customers' sources are spread by the word-of-mouth of the old customers.

      My father's cell for doing business is not many times stronger than mine. He said that we have more categories to open stores in the countryside. We have always followed the principle of "buying hardware and labor protection products without going around, as long as we go to Rongguo hardware and labor insurance" We add new products every year.

      When I first came back, I would be very uncomfortable with working 360 days a year, 365 days a year, and my mental state was very bad. But the cause they worked so hard on, I don't want it to slowly disappear in my hands. My personality is introverted and not sociable. I was a quiet and good student during my school days. I was so nervous that I was sweating when I was communicating with strangers.

      In order not to let my father's career be destroyed in my hands, and to take it to a higher level, I will work harder, learn more relevant professional knowledge, and actively communicate with customers as much as possible, making my father feel that it was correct to let me return Yes, his daughter is good.

Our family-owned hardware store has a facade of 1,000 square meters in Jiangyin City. We rented another 350 square meters in 19 years, and we also have a special warehouse. It has been in operation for 15 years and is a reserve warehouse for 20 hardware stores.

      From the beginning of our fathers ’entrepreneurship, we have never sold inferior products, never sold counterfeit and shoddy products, never sold cottage goods, and never swindled.

      Buying hardware tools is not necessarily looking for Zhang Kaihui, but buying genuine products to buy discounts to find Zhang Kaihui must be right. Let you never regret, never regret!



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