Mr. Kang Meiyu, general manager of thermal conductive silico

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Mr. Kang Meiyu, general manager of thermal conductive silicone sheet manufacturer GLPOLY, analyzes the thermal conductive silicone sheet market!

GLPOLY is a Chinese company specializing in the development of thermal conductive materials, and is the most influential new material development company in China's thermal conductive materials industry. The company is committed to providing customers with accurate thermal conductive products and innovative thermal conductive solution services to meet customers today. Advanced and innovative products with rapid technological advancement have special application requirements for depyrogenation.

GLPOLY high-compression ultra-low-density reelable light-weight power battery thermal conductive silicone sheet, high conductivity soft thermal conductive silicone sheet, automatic dispensing thermal conductive gel, dispensing thermal conductive gel gasket, non-silicon type (Non-polluting) products, heat-conducting wave-absorbing materials, wave-absorbing phase change materials, high-insulation heat-conducting thin materials, low-dielectric heat-conducting materials, and UL heat-conducting double-sided tapes have been designated by thousands of customers worldwide. Especially in the field of new energy vehicles, GLPOLY has successfully served the top three enterprises in the domestic power battery and new energy vehicle industry!

GLPOLY products are widely used in new energy vehicle power batteries, high-speed trains, aerial vehicles, sports DVs, smartphones, smart computers, power supplies, high-power LED products, high-power motherboard chip heat removal, LED TV, and related military, aviation Supplies and electric motor control.

Always imitated, never surpassed

GLPOLY is a benchmark enterprise in the thermal interface materials industry. The 10,000-level digital dust-free military-level workshop is fully intelligently produced. The 24-hour all-weather material testing reliability laboratory has continuously tested material reliability for more than 10,000 hours. It has a professional RD team , No major customer quality complaints for 18 consecutive years, the quality system has obtained ISO9001, ISO14000, IECQ080000, TS16949 certification, products comply with ROHS, REACH and UL safety standards certification standards, the application of more than 1,000 end customers worldwide! Realize planned inventory, deliver samples to customers within 1-2 days, and deliver to customers' designated areas within 7-10 days.

What problems have we encountered?

    At present, the market of thermal conductive materials industry is in a red sea. In Guangdong, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Suzhou, Kunshan and other places where the electronics industry is clustered, thermal conductive materials are also mixed. There are more than dozens of manufacturers, large and small, and most of them are husband and wife stores. Or 4-10 employees rely on a mixer and a die-cutting machine to make a living. There is no R & D team, no laboratory, and no reliability data. It is based on the so-called experience. Quite a few of them can't produce high-quality heat-conducting materials, and they can simply make imaginary K values and fill in data randomly. The business of leather bag companies is also known as a manufacturer of high-conductivity materials. Because GLPOLY often receives inquiries and bargaining from peers, it is basically impossible to do the cost calculation from the material itself. For example, in the case of thermally conductive adhesive tapes, the domestic K value is written at 0.8 or above 1.0, and the actual measured value is not reached at 0.2. In the face of such a complicated market environment, Mr. Kang Meiyu, General Manager of GLPOLY (Beijing Shenzhen EMBA Class), made a determination to change the market crisis and Materials should be analyzed for countermeasures to understand what heat conduction products are needed by the end customer? And formulated the basic program of "precise correspondence thermal conductivity solution service" brand building, to allow all customers who find GLPOLY to use thermally conductive materials to solve the corresponding goal to the greatest extent possible, to relieve customers' worries, especially to strengthen service measures for the application of new materials!

 GLPOLY has nearly 20 years of thermal conductivity technology experience, we know thermal conductivity materials better than our peers

    As early as 1997, GLPOLY and the Taiwan Institute of Industrial Technology established a thermal conductivity material RD group, making the quality of GLPOLY thermal conductivity material dominate the domestic leader, since then GLPOLY has no major quality complaints for 18 consecutive years! At the same time, due to the improvement and stability of quality, the sales of GLPOLY continue to rise. Now all series products have been planned for inventory, and can be delivered to the customer's designated delivery area within 7-10 days after receiving the payment , Basically can be achieved: determine the plan, one sample delivery, one test, one direct mass production!

    In the future, GLPOLY will introduce more advanced thermal conductive material production technology from Germany, the United States, and Japan, improve the quality of all aspects of the entire equipment, and achieve and exceed the level of simultaneous development with the world's thermal conductive material manufacturers!

    Looking forward to our successful cooperation this time, I believe you will not feel sorry or deceived, GLPOLY is your trusted partner!

What can GLPOLY compete with its peers?

    Comparing the thermal conductivity materials of various companies purely from the price, basically can not reflect the value of you and me, and GLPOLY is more reluctant to falsify on the K value, cut corners on the materials, and make price articles indiscriminately. At present, GLPOLY's thermal conductive materials have reached the highest level of domestic counterparts. Few manufacturers have GLPOLY's manufacturing and research and development capabilities. GLPOLY's raw materials are all used in Japan, Germany, and the United States A-level electronic material manufacturers (such as Sumitomo Chemical, Wacker ) Some of the materials are also special materials used in the processing of military equipment manufacturing, without using any domestic basic material manufacturers! Based on this alone, domestic manufacturers of the same type cannot compare with GLPOLY. Some international first-tier brands have repeatedly proposed cooperation and OEM matters. GLPOLY adheres to independent research and development, independent business philosophy, and does not do OEM business!

Disruptive innovative design services allow us to win the respect of the market and peers

    What is a disruptive innovative design service? In fact, there is no new concept, just to do something that others do not, for example as follows:

    1. The structural engineer of Shenzhen DJian UAV Co., Ltd. was impressed by our subversive innovative design service. Due to the small structural surface and space of the UAV, the heat is large, and the main radiator has heat on all 6 sides. Chip contact, the previous pad was 3 * 3 or 3 * 5 specifications, die-cutting manufacturers are not easy to process, their own production line operation is also very troublesome, low efficiency, and high defect rate, GLPOLY sales department boldly recommends according to the actual situation The newly developed material thermally conductive gel XK-G30 replaces the gasket design. It meets the intelligent production correspondence of the production line through the dual-axis intelligent machine, reduces labor costs, improves production efficiency, and accurately calculates the amount. The customer is very satisfied!

    2. Shenzhen China X Communication Company is one of the largest domestic enterprises. Its communication motherboard has 8 chips that use thermally conductive materials. GLPOLY once again subverted innovative design services to the company's Yu Gong to appreciate. GLPOLY materials plus equipment support services, and the world There is only GLPOLY family. They have repeatedly inspected 3 batches. From idea to production line matching, GLPOLY took only 1 month to fully meet their requirements. The entire production line can retain 2-4 employees, which greatly improves efficiency. Reduce the cost of employing and using materials!

    3. Shenzhen Xling Die-cutting Company uses a brand BP100 material as specified by the customer. Not only is the unit price expensive, the delivery time is long, but the service is poor. The company found GLPOLY after purchasing. After learning the details, GLPOLY took less than 1 month. Successful completion of the test to the end customer. Mr. Siliang said that he didn't expect that there is such a great thermal conductive material company in China. The cost has been reduced by a factor of two, and the quality is better than international brands!

What certifications can be passed by manufacturers of thermal materials?

The general thermal material supplier only tells you that there is SGS, and the raw materials pass UL. Is this really the case? Can you see that first-line brands will reply to you like this? GLPOLY has more than 50 patents, the quality system has obtained ISO9001, ISO14000, IECQ080000, TS16949 certification, and the products comply with ROHS, REACH and UL safety standard certification standards! There are no more than 10 such thermal conductivity material manufacturers in the world!



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