My 6 Entrepreneurial Insights (Written in February 2007)

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        2007-02-19 09:49 I wrote a blog. Seeing that so many people are starting a business today, there are too many emotions to share. Look at my thoughts ten years ago.

        In the spring of 2007, when the company has gone through a difficult period of more than three years (from October 8, 2004), from the SOHO family at the start-up period, relying on only 30,000 yuan in start-up funds, from online shops to buy and sell It started as a product agency, then one or two small sewage treatment projects, and then formed a four-person core team, relying on technological innovation to develop a unique mud water separator in the environmental protection engineering and environmental protection equipment industry, and is expected to pass The proprietary technology of the mud-water separator has created a brand new world in the wastewater treatment of the steel, oil and coal industries, and will be specialized and strong in the new year.

        Looking back at the entrepreneurial journey that I have traveled, I am filled with emotion. It is more difficult for poor scholars in their 40s to start a business than ordinary people. Although they have many years of experience in foreign company management and successful cases, they really have to run their own companies and are also big girls What should I do if I go back to the sedan first and face the problem first, then fail? Scholars tend to think more and do less, and the more they think, the more problems they have. The final choice to give up is an inevitable result, so it is reasonable to say that "shows can't rebel for ten years". There is a book "The Secret of Millionaires", which talks about 7700 millionaires in the United States. Their academic qualifications are exactly the same as those in the country. The vast majority of people are not highly educated, so they come to this conclusion: entrepreneurship Success is not a stipulation of scholars in classic books, nor is it the teachings of professors in the MBA classroom. It is necessary to have your own firm and original ideas and personal actions suitable for your expertise to achieve your wealth ideals.

        1. It is not possible to start a business with a heart of employment. Only by cutting off the retreat or the back road is it possible to embark on the path of the rich.

        Once upon a time, I also made such a mistake. I registered Shanghai Aoli Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. in April 2003, but in fact did not make up my mind to do it. I still dreamed about the bright prospects after the success of the venture on the coordinates of part-time work After that, take your own company license to fight the sidelines. This is the most stubborn thing about literati entrepreneurship. In the seat of part-time job, count the unsatisfactory salary every month, blame and despise the boss's various decisions, I think that I am a boss must be smarter than the boss's decision, and the company will do better. The world is full of extremely intelligent and poor people. Only by making up your mind not to be such a poor man, and cutting off the retreat and the back road, is it possible to embark on the path of the rich.

        Second, when the company was founded, it could only or must obey the boss's voice.

        When a small business started, because of the limitation of funds, all the decision making can only be decided by the boss, because the money is the boss's, even if you lose, you must lose and understand, convinced. The result of teamwork is that it is a good thing to win, because the company is going to operate for a long time. If one day the result of teamwork is to lose, and the result of loss is the debt that the boss cannot afford, what should I do? At this time, many of the workers who participated in the brainstorming at that time will definitely show that it is irrelevant for themselves. They secretly think that you are a boss. You should have such a bearing capacity. I ca n’t afford to work for you. . When the boss is making a project decision, he is more thinking about the biggest loss if it fails. Can I afford it? Is the company's book funds plus my personal deposit sufficient to cope with all this, and the part-time job is just blindly feeling that such a good project is not going to go on, why the boss is so stupid?

        Third, no matter how hard it is, we must adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity is the soul, and heaven is rewarded with diligence".

        As the entrepreneurial boss of a small company, the first important thing is to treat all people with integrity, namely employees, partners, customers and friends. Now my company is still in the debt management stage, and I will be responsible for all the losses caused by the failure of the start-up engineering project. I will not and will not share them with the partners. Wages never take off time. At the end of the year, as with foreign-funded enterprises, they are also dual-pay systems. Even so, the more I work, the more confident I am, because the company has established the image of "integrity" among all partners, and has strong intangible assets. The phrase "business first" is true.

        I believe that many business owners can be honest with buyers or owners, but it is difficult to be honest with suppliers and distributors. It is either delaying the supplier ’s payment or deducting the tail payment. Anyway, China is so large and few In addition to this one, there is another. Before the Spring Festival this year, the supplier ’s payment was basically settled according to the contract requirements. One of the suppliers renovated and expanded the plant this year. At the end of the year, it was really difficult to fund. I negotiated with another supplier to postpone the payment. Give the manufacturers who have difficulties to pay off his balance in advance; the wages of the migrant workers are all paid out, and no penny is owed; the dealer does not sell and also recovers all the money, and all the money is returned. In fact, the dealer ’s goods can not be paid. Quit, but I feel like I want everyone around me to have a happy new year. The business is unfinished. I think about myself in the middle of the night and think about others in the middle of the night.

        When an enterprise is started, the small boss must be diligent, diligent, and diligent. "Tiandao rewards diligence" is no more important than diligence. 1% of genius innovation plus 99% diligence. Many innovative ideas are formed in this process. Small businesses do not have large burdens. The most invested is time and energy. The least invested is cash. First, they want to do A, then evolve to B, and then become C after innovation. The final result is the profitable D. Although the readers are more capitalist, the process of practice tells me that there is no fixed pattern for the growth and development of start-up companies. You must never make a detailed enterprise plan or plan, otherwise most of the waiting for you will be a failure.

            4. At the start-up stage of small enterprises, employees over 30 years old should be employed as much as possible.

        There is an old saying in China that "thirty standing" has harmed more than 95% of the young people. If it is changed to "thirty knowing the fate, standing fifty," it would be fine. Everyone knows that state-owned enterprises have a "59-year-old phenomenon", but the "29-year-old phenomenon" is little known. Today's "29-year-old phenomenon" in China is much more common than the "59-year-old phenomenon". I just graduated from a university in my 20s and I have a passion for studying and working. I want to earn money for marriage, buying a house and a car through work performance or performance improvement. However, in real life, only 5% of young people are likely to do this, which is unrealistic The horizontal comparison of these leads to these fairly good young white-collar workers who are either in a state of emotional weakness or full of complaints, and always feel that the boss owes him too much. There are often many letters from job applicants in my mailbox. People who have just graduated from the university have no requirements but only a job; for job seekers or graduate students who have graduated from university for three years, the salary requirements are all 5000 ~ 8000 yuan ; If a job seeker is in his 30s, the requirements are more objective, and a basic salary requirement of 2500 yuan is proposed. If after the probation period, the working ability is considered good, then discuss the monthly salary.

         In today's Shanghai, young people want to get married before the age of 30, and the total cost cannot be lower than 200,000 to 300,000 yuan. More than 50% of white-collar workers are basically moonlight people. Although their income is high, they are under pressure to work. They often find excuses to vent, dinners, karaoke, clubbing, shopping for fashionable and high-end clothing and gadgets. What's more, non-brand cosmetics are not bought. In short, the one that can save 1,000-1500 yuan per month is the last choice. It is such that there is only 18,000 yuan in one year and up to 100,000 yuan in five years. The only part that is not enough depends on the parents. Therefore, many companies are willing to recruit married and have children (especially companies whose employees must be nurtured by accumulating work experience). Those who are over 30 years of age have considerable work experience and abilities. Responsible, and the most commendable thing is to know the warmth and coldness of the real world, know how much you are worth, and position yourself accurately.

        Fifth, the big boss can be stingy, and will also win a lot of reputation; the little boss must have an atmosphere, the atmosphere will be connected with the network.

        Many people know the stinginess of the rich and powerful such as Li Ka-shing and Wang Yongqing, but this frugal and simple stinginess is often in line with the aesthetic psychology of the Chinese nation's "thrifty and frugality", and it has won the recognition of the whole society, and this national spirit is widely publicized and carried forward , Really won a lot of reputation for them, covering them with a mysterious aura. But these little bosses who have just started their business have no money and no reputation. Their parents are civilians, and they can only rely on the money saved in their mouths for us to go to college and then to the society. They have completed the most sacred and remarkable in their lives. Great cause.

        The little boss must be as atmospheric as possible. In the process of communication, everyone is just observing your dealings with small things such as dinner and karaoke. Who is willing to talk to a person who often rubs the dinner and never pays? Dealing with business, in addition to doing business, also think about giving 1 ~ 2% more profits to others. If a single business is normal, the other party should get 10% of the profit, and you give the other party 12%, then the next time The person in the business will think of you; as a boss, you must have some skills that others do not have, and pay attention to whether your friends in the business circle have difficulties and needs in this regard. As long as you know it, do not wait for others to actively help solve it , It just took a little time and energy for you, no other expenses and expenses, this is a good thing worth doing, friends will naturally be grateful, they will definitely use another way to come In return. Although it has helped others, do n’t always think about when he can repay you, so that you have begun to produce intangible assets in the intangible. This intangible asset can be changed from quantitative to qualitative changes through a period of accumulation. Generate huge energy, this is what your friends in the circle think of you, and it is a business friend who is worth meeting.

        Sixth, e-commerce is the cheapest and most effective market tool for small bosses to create businesses.

        The number of Internet users in my country has reached 210 million, and the number of Internet users in China is slightly lower than the 215 million in the United States, ranking second in the world. The annual growth rate reached 53.3%. This is equivalent to an average increase of 200,000 netizens per day in the past year, or an average of nearly 140 netizens per minute. According to this growth rate, it is expected that after January 2008, Chinese netizens will surpass the United States to become the world's first. The number of Chinese web pages is 8.47 billion, with an annual growth rate of 89.4%. The growth rate of online information resources is very rapid.

        It is conceivable that e-commerce in 2007 will inevitably become the mainstream trend of low-cost online marketing for small businesses. Since the establishment of my company, it has been mainly based on the successful operation of e-commerce. ) From online marketing promotion, we also created a set of aggregation promotion technologies including search engine, B2B business website, blog marketing, and email precision marketing. So far, our company has not done any paid search engine promotion, but our information three major search engines are blossoming everywhere, and it has really realized that it is very easy to find my ideal state on the Internet.



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