15 years ago, I chose the cleaning industry in the United St

2020-06-01 17:33 | Readtime: 3min

    15 years ago, I went to Shenzhen to work in the United States. At that time, in the eyes of the Chinese, the life symbol of the American middle class was "Living in a big house, driving a car, and going on vacation with the whole family every year." When I lived for a while, I found that the essential difference is still reflected in all aspects of life.

Shopping is a woman's nature. The single-storey area of department stores in the United States is very large, such as women's clothing, and each brand has its own area. You can choose the clothes on the same floor, and then go to the fitting room, no more than 10 pieces at a time. Every brand in China has its own sales staff. Starting from the first step you step into, do it step by step and keep selling it. The people who get it are under great pressure. After the trial, I do n’t like it. Just leave the door of the fitting room and put them on the railing. Some people put it back to the original place according to the brand. And because of the sparse population in the United States, there are 3-4 department stores of different brands in large shopping malls. Macy, Nordstorm, Sears, Target. Generally, 4 department stores will be in 4 different directions of large-scale comprehensive supermarkets. Each department store has its own positioning. Nordstorm is more upscale than Macy, which is a middle-class favorite. Now people go to the United States are crazy shopping in Macy. Sears is a low-cost department store, clothes are not cheap after discounts, and now sears are almost out of stock.

In addition to clothes, there are supermarkets in the US specifically for lifestyle. My favorite shopping is Bed, Bath & Beyond, or BBB for short, which is a supermarket for household items, such as bedding and kitchen items. There is also Target, which is larger in size, similar to Wal-Mart, and covers more categories of life, such as stationery and all aspects of home.

The US labor laws set a minimum hourly income. At that time, California seemed to be $ 6 per hour. When I was living in Shenzhen, I hired aunts to clean and cook, and it cost almost nothing. In the United States, I exchanged one dollar for 8 yuan. I think there are not many people who really love cleaning housework, and the size of the American house is large. It takes a long time to clean up. How can it be faster? When I was visiting Target, I discovered a new mop called Microfiber mop, "ultra-fine mop". The water absorption capacity is 5 times that of cotton. Is a new product. I bought one immediately and tried it at home. The cleaning efficiency is several times that of an ordinary mop, and the cleaning time is greatly shortened. Amazing!

In the United States for three years, I have continued to use and began to understand ultra-fine cleaning. At that time, the main production base was in South Korea, and China was just getting started. Three years later, when I returned to China to start a business, I chose this industry without hesitation. I think that through good products, the efficiency of the users will be improved and the effect will be better. This is a value. Today, our products are also sold in mid- to high-end supermarkets in the United States.

I think I am a person without great perseverance. Always like to constantly try new things, new areas, like new and old. It ’s hard to believe that I ’ve been in a 15-year industry, and I ’m passionate. Now, every time I see people around me sharing the kind of wow they use after using it, it always reminds me of my feeling of falling in love with it in the United States 15 years ago: don't forget the original heart!

Written at the end of 2017, commemorating a special day.

Wu Haiyan, Queen of Cleaning: returned to China 15 years ago to focus on the development of ultra-fine fiber cleaning mops and provide efficient and cost-effective cleaning solutions. Advocate "green cleaning", you can use water to clean, away from the poison of chemical detergents. If you are interested in acting as a foreign cleaning brand, please add VX: LW13853272602



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