Interview with Shijiazhuang Brand Image Design Company: Zhan

2020-06-01 17:34 | Readtime: 6min

Zhang Shaobo, a native of Zhao County, Shijiazhuang, Hebei (China ’s first stone arch bridge "Zhaozhou Bridge" in this county) was born in 1979. He is sincere, dedicated, and dedicated to his career. As a result, he is single and 5 years ago. He met in his company (Yihu Vision Office), asked them to help design the product image, communicated with him and was moved by his sense of responsibility. He thought about design completely from the perspective of the brand side, and helped the company to make suggestions. , We have cooperated so far.

Zhang Shaobo, who graduated from Hebei University of Technology in 2003, was ambitious. He wanted to go out and go to the southern city from Shijiazhuang in the second year of graduation. Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, found his first job as a graphic designer with self-learning Coreldraw technology. At that time, the salary was 1,200 yuan / month (I learned PS software during college, but all I learned was fur, because I had a special hobby for design and aesthetics, and I was particularly interested in it. I started to study in depth and went to the library to borrow books. Learn ps, and then found that Coreldraw software is a very good software, and also self-study together, the software was English version at the time, but fortunately have English skills, memorize your own Chinese, a little fumble learning).

One year later in Zhaoqing City, family members returned to Shijiazhuang due to their fear of being too far away from home. They entered the advertising company with their own experience and worked mainly on the layout of newspaper advertisement layouts. Three years later, due to the gradual desolation and resignation of paper media, Entered a packaging product company, where I was exposed to a lot of work outside of design and learned a lot of knowledge about packaging and printing. However, my job content deviated from my main occupation and I chose to leave. The year was early summer 2011.

After trimming at home for almost 3 months, I decided to try it myself, and started a part-time entrepreneurial journey. I took the order through the freelance website (such as Zhubajie) to do my own design (the freelance website is very competitive and very stressful. All the designers can design submissions for the publishing requirements of the merchants. At the end of the draft, the merchant selects a winning designer, and then the fee is paid to the platform. The platform also deducts a 20% commission, and the rest is the designer. Fees) The first income brought by Witkey is to make a promotional leaflet for a Shijiazhuang real estate company, earning 50 yuan. Although it is very hard, it is very happy and exciting.

In this way, I continue to contribute and continue to strengthen myself, and slowly start to have repeat customers. More and more people are looking for design drawings in private, and I have begun to form teams. In 2014, Ihu Vision Studio was established and started to do Taobao / Tmall / Store decoration, product details page design, busy for more than a year, at the end of 2014, I sprouted my own idea of making products, just happened to be in contact with a beaded craft product, I really like it, I rushed into this industry blindly, doing At the same time as the design, I began to plan the production and sales of "Prague Beauty" beaded crafts because I was from a design background. At that time, the design effect of the "Prague Beauty" Taobao store should be the most beautiful store in the beaded industry. , Leading to a shortfall, ended the project at the end of 2015, and since then has sunk, only for design.

There are more and more businesses involved, such as LOGO design, VI, H5, albums, packaging, web pages, e-commerce, micro-commerce, door heads, roll-up banners, business cards ... To do so, the team has gradually expanded, of course, mainly based on e-commerce related designs (such as Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong store decoration).

In this way, until the beginning of 2017, there were more and more peers in the design of e-commerce / micro-commerce. Team negotiation should do subtraction for the project, focus, and put forward higher requirements for the design, and upgrade the design concept, because there are The maintenance of a large number of old customers, so the new business began to focus on H5 creative production and brand design.

In 2017, it changed the company's new office address, and also strengthened the business strength of H5 creative production and brand design. As of early 2019, it has designed more than 300 brands of large and small. Among them, Dingjiang pots started from 0-1 The entire image design of the brand comes from the hands of Zhang Shaobo. Now the brand has an annual output value of over 100 million yuan. This is a customer we have been cooperating with. We still have many customers like this.

Part of the cooperation client list: Dingjiang, Huawei, Tongrentang, Gongcheng Consulting, Kerr Toys, CSPC, Zheshang Bank, BAIC New Energy, Tonglian Finance, MOVO, Wancheng Wanchong, iQuantification, Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China , Realgood American handmade soap, Shang Gao rose, Chinese youth rugby, Gu Dao health, Spiffen cosmetics, Hesheng kitchen utensils, Honeywell, Ji Su, Jane, Klenia, Roco Orchard, Meiwei family, Zuo Danli, Zhuangzi • Health, Yidingxian, Xiangxi Bank, NetEase, Angel Heart, Qianyantang, Momo Network, Demon Drum Corps, Zhenmei, Ping An Securities, Ni En Group, Tongan, Jicheng Technology, Dingxin Medicine Industry, Step Technology, Beijing Yimotang, Heidao Intelligence, Lima Technology, Mud Fun Diatom Mud, Renren Tribe, Shanda Education, Shengjixuan Doors and Windows, Xingyun Zhongce, Yixian Yaner, Zhiyang Planning, Baofuquan , Gudao Health, Century Huixin, Dingshang, Hebei Jiale, WaykiChain, Taihe, Jiuzhen Province, Weijue Vision, Dingxin Pharmaceutical, Fanuo, Changxin Network, Lexi Group, Liufu Jewelry, Joint Camping , Muyan, Niqu, Jiayubo Electromechanical Equipment, Jinsanyuan, Chunxiao, Mechnet, Minsheng Insurance.

The following content has done some questions and answers, and I hope it will be helpful to the new entrepreneurs I see.

Question: Why is it named "Yihu Vision"?

Answer: Specialize in one place, protect with heart! Igo Vision

Question: Have you ever suffered a loss in the process of starting a business? What are the losses?

Answer: The remuneration system in the management system is unreasonable, leading to no profit or even a deficit.

Question: What suggestions do you have for new entrepreneurs?

Answer: Persist, learn more, and establish a design system; entrepreneurs with design skills must have choices, not everything, not everything, and focus.

Yihu Vision Brand Design Company

18632181827 Zhang Shaobo

Room 1529, Shenglun Building, Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang



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