Founder of Hulunbeier Affinity Travel

2020-06-01 17:35 | Readtime: 3min

   I was born in Hailar, the political, economic, and cultural center of Hulunbuir. When I was a child, I studied hard to get out of the grassland and to go to the wonderful world outside.

    When I walked out of the grassland, I found that there is no place where the sky can be as blue as my hometown. When most children in China can't see the stars, Hulunbeier can still see the Beidou. I finally understand that the hometown is When I was young, I wanted to leave every day. When I was older, I wanted to go back to the place where I wanted to go back. A melody of a matouqin would keep me away.

    After graduating from university in June 2012, I returned to my hometown of Hulun Buir and successfully became a medical worker. A year later, I yearned for freedom and gave up my stable job. I went to the grassland wholeheartedly and lived my favorite life.

    In 2014, I started to contact Hulun Buir Tourism. I am a hard-working character. I have repeatedly researched routes, strategies and customer needs. This year I received more than 400 people. Tourists praised my service. I like challenging work. Tourism is I am passionate about my career, and I am very serious about every consultation. No matter whether tourists choose me or not, I will answer every consultation carefully, treat everyone ’s travel as a work, and finally win the satisfaction of customers. I will clearly remember everyone's name.

    In 2015, I have accumulated some good word of mouth and customer testimonials. My customers will take the initiative to help me promote them, plus my accumulated experience in online promotion. The number of receptions doubled this year, and I used the most stupid way to avoid fraud and traps, treat everyone with the most sincere heart, and do everything possible for the guests. Fake scenic spots that do not take guests to commercialization, and open up new paths, choose to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the niche scenery, which has been well received by everyone.

    In 2016, I created my own brand: Affinity Travel, a formal and legal travel agency was born, which guaranteed the rights and interests of tourists, but what I had to do was to make the affinity different from other travel agencies. I would take tourists to others Beautiful places not to go, see the real grasslands, experience the real Mongolian culture, reject man-made scenic spots, fake attractions, and pull you out of the traps of regular travel agencies, giving you a real travel opportunity and platform! Freedom is maximized. Everyone has their own space to approach nature in their own way.

    Adhere to the concept of quality tourism to bring high-quality spiritual enjoyment to tourists, we will treat your journey as a work, no need to be uneasy, although traveling easily, starting from your feet on Hulun Buir, we are responsible for you Solve all problems until the moment you leave Hulunbuir!

    Receiving everyone well, not earning everyone's black money, our customers come from all over the country, we will do enough work, and we will help you solve any problems during the journey. Use the most sincere heart to accept everything you see, hear, and experience during the trip ... Affinity, a long-lasting warmth! I hope that travellers can travel ingeniously, more professional than relatives, and more affectionate than businessmen.

Prairie dancer

Founder of Hulunbeier Affinity Travel

Provide the most valuable Hulun Buir tourism service

Take you to experience the real grassland life, never look at the grassland by the road



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