Walnut slab manufacturer Fujian Godwin set 19 years of solid

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Fujian Yimingxuan Wood Co., Ltd. is a benchmark enterprise for the domestic five-time drying technology and the production of high-quality solid wood slab tables with raw materials over 558 years old. Deeply cultivating the country's largest root carving wood solid board production base in Minhou County, Fujian Province, after 18 years of efforts of three generations of grandchildren, it has developed into a benchmark enterprise with considerable scale in the industry today.

The company has a factory area of 10,000 square meters, distributed in Minhou County, Fujian Province, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, Jianou City, Fujian Province, and 3000 square meters large-scale spot product exhibition hall. It has changed the industry model that generally needs to be customized, and has realized the supermarket shopping experience of solid wood large board tables. The company always adheres to the design concept of "restore natural life", and owns its own brand "Goodwin". Committed to building the industry's first brand! The perfect combination of inspiration and creativity to provide personalized but unassuming products. Meet the different needs of consumers and create extraordinary taste and fun spaces.

Fujian Yimingxuan Wood is a 3A credit enterprise, a 3.15 national integrity enterprise key unit, and an annual quality benchmarking enterprise. The independent brand "Goldwin" is the first brand trusted by consumers in the country. The company has the industry's first German imported military industry. Grade drying equipment and world-class processing technology, five-time drying of walnut slabs and 365-day natural shade dry top grade bahua slabs have a service life of more than 5 times the average level of their peers, far ahead of domestic peer manufacturers.

Mr. Gao Zhengui, the person in charge of the company, insists on the brand concept of "durability is gold" and the business philosophy of "quality is the lifeline of the enterprise". Partnership. Among them are Red Star Macalline Home Furnishing, Actual Home Furnishing, Shangri-La Hotel Group, and Bama Tea and Huaxiangyuan Tea.

Looking to the future, the company actively explores overseas markets, and its products have successfully entered 18 countries and regions in the world, and has in-depth communication and cooperation with foreign peer companies, so that the product quality has always stayed ahead of its peers and synchronized with the world's advanced home industry level Quality is the key to winning the future of the market, and only reliable products can be recognized by consumers and the market.

Currently comparing the solid wood panels of various manufacturers purely from the price, it basically can not reflect the value of you and me, and Godwin households are even more reluctant to make price articles on cutting corners and making indiscriminately. At present, the industry is in chaos, and all kinds of surfaces are intact, and then cracked through the technical repair of paintings and other bad products flooding the entire solid wood panel industry. Even the solid wood slabs purchased by consumers have been severely cracked in less than half a month and cannot be used at all. Godwin Home Furnishing is the first in the industry to adopt German military-grade CNC drying equipment. Through five times of drying, it ensures that the moisture content of each solid wood board is less than one thousandth. Based on this alone, domestic manufacturers of the same type cannot compare with us, which is also the quality assurance that our Godwin home can be exported to 18 countries and regions.

Since the development of the solid wood panel industry, the problems of bulkiness, extreme cracking, and mildew have always troubled consumers. Workshop-type small factories simply do not have the ability and the mind to solve it. One mind is only for their own short-term interests, so they have always been perfunctory consumers. The solid wood slab will crack and moldy after such a long time. In fact, they are just Just making excuses for himself. Once upon a time, this was also a huge problem that puzzled us. However, as a benchmark enterprise in the solid wood large board industry, Godwin people have the courage to take responsibility. After five times of drying, there is no need to spray paint, and only the environmentally friendly 0 formaldehyde wood wax oil process is used for the solid wood slab. At this point, the inherent image of the solid wood slab table is very easy to crack, deform, moldy and heavy.

The solid wood panel industry in China has opened a new page in February 2010. Mr. Gao Zhengui, General Manager of Godwin Furniture, flew from Shanghai to Berlin, Germany. With anticipation and excitement, he came to the famous German industry The city Hanover drying machine production base introduced foreign military-grade CNC drying processing equipment in the solid wood panel industry, which was also the industry's only drying equipment at the time and was also a foreign military-grade. From then on, the image of the "solid, cracked, moldy" solid wood slab in people's concept will be gone forever, and the quality level of the solid wood slab table in China will be on the international stage. It has changed the history that solid wood slabs cannot be exported, allowing 18 countries and regions around the world to use solid wood slabs created by China.

1. The technology and technology of the German drying equipment is the guarantee for the quality of Godwin's solid wood processing.

2. Each solid wood board has a unique government agency certification issued by the Minhou County Civil Affairs Bureau of Fujian Province, which is approved by the "Changhou Wood Industry Chamber of Commerce in Minhou County, Fujian Province".

3. [Seriously promised] All raw materials are produced in the high mountain region of Gabon, Africa, and the trees are over 558 years old. It is a high-quality solid wood board production area, which is adopted by no more than 5 domestic factories.

4. Mainstream media such as Sina Home, Tencent Home and Pacific Home strongly recommend brand manufacturers.

5. Adopt international high-end Saint-mass wood wax oil, and the open paintless process is basically free of formaldehyde.

We advocate: "There is no after-sales service, it is the best after-sales service"; because we are confident to confirm that our solid wood panels basically will not have quality problems, even small quality problems.

There are serious cracking and other quality problems in the drying series of solid wood panels in 365 days. It promises that customers can apply for a refund directly at the original purchase price without returning the product. All users have a lifetime warranty.

At present, our main after-sales are basically non-product quality problems, but common problems that are common in Chinese logistics, such as slow logistics efficiency and high breakage rate. Therefore, Godwin Home has not only had a very low freight price but also basically delivered a series of solid wood slabs for delivery through the strong cooperation with domestic excellent logistics units such as SF Express, Debon Logistics and Simpang Logistics. The industry problem of home.

What is abnormal service? In fact, there is no new concept, just do something that others do not:

Italian distributor customer Piter was touched by our abnormal after-sales service. Due to the large number of factories producing solid wood panels, Piter purchased a batch of solid wood panels from other manufacturers and prepared to return to Italy for sale. As a result, a large amount of mold was detected before the goods arrived at the dock. However, the factory people who bought the goods pretended to say that the solid wood slab was like this. If you return to the factory, the repair cost needs to be taken care of and it is ridiculously expensive. After many twists and turns, Piter found us. Our professional technicians knew which of the solid wood plates were actually dried out by looking at the photos, but there was only one drying process and it must be dried by rough equipment. Without further ado, letting Piter directly go to our factory for re-polishing, drying, and polishing only charged him the necessary labor costs. Since then, except for the gathering of China and us during the New Year, Piter paid directly and we arranged for him to ship the goods.

There are many stories like this, so I wo n’t go into details here.

Fujian Godwin gathers 19 years of solid wood panel production experience



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