Xu Yuandong's 20-year entrepreneurial history, because of hi

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"Traditionally, brand service providers have had difficulty adapting to the needs of brand service providers in the new digital economy. However, at present, there is no integrated digital brand service provider based on digitization. Aiming has all the infrastructure advantages."

    When it comes to the services of AiName.com, Xu Yuandong, the founder of AiName.com, said that it has long been not only a traditional service provider that provides domain name registration, trademark and intellectual property services, but also a small and micro enterprise "+ Internet" service. Point, to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with one-stop "Internet +" enterprise digitization and cloud service providers from domain names, digital certificates, cloud computing, trademarks, official websites to cloud market services and other services.

    Xu Yuandong is from Ruian, Zhejiang. Graduated from Zhejiang University of Technology majoring in technology and economics. Founder of Zhejiang E-Commerce Network Co., Ltd. (First Business), currently Chairman of Hangzhou Aiming Network Co., Ltd. (22.cn).

    Speaking of Aiming.com, it is not unfamiliar to domain name investors, webmasters, and Internet entrepreneurs. As an established domain name service provider, it has worked for many years in domain names, cloud services and other fields. The brand accumulation and influence have radiated nationwide. One hundred thousand companies.

    At present, 22.cn is named as the main brand with love, relying on domain names, trademarks, SSL digital certificates, epower enterprise service engines, and actively expand digital enterprise services to help enterprises create private domain traffic that is “centralized and self-closed”. From the first business (eb.com.cn) of that year to the current Aiming (22.cn), and then to the digital marketing of Le Puppet (LTD.com), serving small and medium-sized enterprises is Xu Yuandong ’s 20 years of entrepreneurship. The original heart!

Entering Hangzhou to start a business from Ruian Town

The pioneering spirit of Wenzhou people

    Ruian, Zhejiang, is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Wenzhou. Although the city is not big, it has been a place of outstanding people since ancient times. Guo Moruo once wrote the title of “Yu Cheng Tao Li, the sea surges” for the Ryan Yuhai Tower. The cultural heritage is also very strong. Xu Yuandong ’s predecessors also founded the country ’s earliest public library, Xinlan Bookstore, and my country ’s earliest modern Chinese medicine hall, Liji Medical Hall.

    The pursuit of dreams may be an inherent gene of Xu Yuandong. His predecessor (Xu Qichou) once founded the "Qingzhi Society" in 1882 to become one of the most buds of the practice of socialism in my country. As the birthplace of the Wenzhou model, Ruian also gave birth to a typical small and medium-sized enterprise socialized collaboration model, realizing large-scale production of "one village, one product". The entrepreneurial spirit of Wenzhou people who started from scratch and struggled hard has always affected Xu Yuandong's entrepreneurial experience and supported him to continue to open up new positions.

Ryan Xinlan Bookstore

    It is Xu Yuandong's ambition and dream when he stepped out of Ryan and looked forward to a wider and wider world, not just looking at the world like his predecessors. In 1996, he was the first "student" in the school for 12 consecutive high school achievements. Because of the math errors in the college entrance examination (only 150 points out of 150 points), he could only choose Zhejiang University of Technology in the province.

    Because the subject is the center of SME research in China, thanks to the atmosphere of the small and medium-sized enterprise research center of Zhejiang University of Technology, it is almost difficult to study in the university. It seems that it is not a business. Xu Yuandong feels that it may be possible in the direction of SME services. I look forward to starting with corporate services and showing my entrepreneurial skills.

    At that time, the Internet in China had just started, and there was still a lot of waste, but the network infrastructure at that time was very backward, and entrepreneurial opportunities were there, but the hardware could not keep up. There was no way to think. It was the biggest shackle of Internet entrepreneurship at that time. As early as 1998-1999, Xu Yuandong, a student, had already experienced the disgrace of failing his first venture.

    Stimulated by the news of domain name investment at the time, Xu Yuandong felt that he might hoard some good domain names to sell and make money, and perhaps he could find the first bucket of gold needed for entrepreneurship. He began to register a large number of domain names, but the domain name renewal fee was 70 US dollars at the time, which was a very large expenditure for his student days, and he was ultimately unable to support it. Not only did all the domain names disappear, the tuition fees were barely paid, and they were almost dropped out.

    After graduation, Xu Yuandong was specially recruited into the Hangzhou Science and Technology System because he knew the Internet. He served as the director of the e-commerce research department of the Hangzhou Science and Technology Information Institute. And "Hangzhou Science and Technology Information Network", "Zhejiang Online Technology Market Hangzhou Market" and other projects, this work is five years.

    The work experience in the system has accumulated a lot of experience for Xu Yuandong to start a business in the future. Entering Hangzhou, the e-commerce capital of China, let him realize the potential market demand for enterprise services. The Chinese Internet urgently needs the upgrade of basic service providers to help More small and micro businesses get traffic and users.

The success of the first business

Help small and micro enterprises to provide basic service access

    In 1999, he founded Hangzhou Eco Information Technology Service Co., Ltd., which is the predecessor of First Business. The first business born in the same year as Alibaba was originally a B2B website, because the B2B model had just started, and both the model and the market were in a state of ignorance. The incomplete congenital conditions made the B2B business model not survived and eventually transformed. Become a small and micro enterprise access service provider whose main business is domain names and servers.

    As one of the first batch of CNNIC registrars in China, the first business is to seize the golden age of domain name service. In the era of personal webmasters, the meaning of domain names is very different for a website. Having a good domain name can be said that this website is half successful. There were huge investment opportunities behind a large number of high-quality domain name resources. Cai Wensheng and Yao Jinbo, the current Internet gangsters, all earned the first pot of money for entrepreneurship based on the foresight and foresight of domain name investment. First Business was born in such an era.

Xu Yuandong tried his best to share entrepreneurial experience

    Xu Yuandong said that the domain name and hosting were just needed, and a large number of personal websites and corporate websites have sprung up. As a prosperous place for the private economy, Zhejiang has consistently ranked the number of corporate websites and personal stations in the country. Taking Zhejiang as the center to radiate the whole country to provide access services for these websites was the original intention of the first business transformation of the year, and it was also for serving small and micro enterprises. The persistence of this entrepreneurial dream.

    In the course of the first business operation, the results of domain name cybersquatting were also outstanding. At that time, the sub-brand of Netcom Internet provided an interface agent for domain name investors, and the domain name investment tycoon Xu Jun used to squat through Netcom Internet to obtain a large number of excellent domain name resources.

From Aimeiwang to Le Puppet

Enterprise "Breaks Three Stands Five"

And the "6D digital existence" theory

    Since 2009, cloud computing has gradually landed. The cloud hosting service represented by Alibaba Cloud has brought a huge impact to traditional IDC service providers. Many small and medium-sized IDCs have missed the transformation and upgrading of products because they do not have the technical capabilities of the cloud, and have begun to decline.

    This wave of cloud computing has also brought a big impact on First Business. Because it can't keep up with the general trend of cloud computing, Xu Yuandong decisively decided to separate the domain name service, set up AiName.com, and deeply explore the potential of the domain name trading market. Demand, and at the same time further expand business in corporate marketing and corporate services.

    At the time of the development of Aiming.com, it was also faced with fierce market competition. In the upstream of domain name services, Wanwang had the exclusive resource advantage, while in the downstream was the name of professional service providers such as eName. With the exhaustion of high-quality domain name resources, domain name investment has gradually entered a dull period.

    On the one hand, it is to obtain the exclusive agency authority of the new top-level domain name and accumulate rich resources of the new top-level domain name; Important deployment during development. Xu Yuandong revealed that the largest domain name transaction of AiName.com was ly.com, and the transaction amount reached 8 digits. Last year's hot spelling began, including the main domain name pinduoduo.com and a series of protected domain name transactions were completed on Ai Ming.com. Like China Learning Network (xx.cn), Ai Ming.com also participates in these generous domain name transactions in these verticals. Relying on his many years of experience in domain name investment and online brand strategy, Xu Yuandong has provided guidance suggestions for many startups.

    Xu Yuandong is not willing to only expand the domain name service, because with the development of the mobile Internet, the status of domain names is declining year by year, good domain name resources are also scarce, and the volume of large-scale domain name transactions is also declining. Providing more basic services and marketing services for enterprises is the future trend. Relying on domain name registration and transactions, the full bloom of trademark intellectual property rights, SSL digital certificates, and epower enterprise service engine business provides comprehensive support for small and micro enterprises.

    In 2017, Xu Yuandong's entrepreneurial journey took off again. Le Puppet (LTD.com) was established in Shanghai, and successively set up branches in Beijing and Hangzhou, dedicated to creating integrated marketing and digital operation service providers. From Aimingwang's crossover to Leupo, for Xu Yuandong, it is a comprehensive upgrade of services, and it is also a new concept of planning and landing.

    At the moment when everyone talks about the digital economy, technological innovation is driving various industries from a pure product economy to a service economy. Digital transformation has become a general trend. Transformation and upgrading have been incorporated into the future layout of most companies.

    Digital marketing transformation is particularly difficult for traditional enterprises. Some people even suggested that “transformation is equivalent to death, not transformation is equal to death.” It can be seen that the transformation of traditional enterprises is difficult, but without transformation, it will also face the advantages and disadvantages of the market, which is also causing enterprises The cause of digital anxiety.

    Based on digital research and 20 years of corporate market background, Xu Yuandong proposed that solving the digital problem of an enterprise can be simply attributed to the common problems of the six dimensions of the enterprise digital environment (1. Who am I, 2. What do I do, 3. I am in Where, 4. How to pay attention to me, 5. How to contact me, 6. How to connect with me, that is, "6D digital existence theory".) The core demands and anxiety of enterprise digital transformation and marketing can be perfectly solved.

    Recently, an opinion leader in the field of e-commerce and micro-commerce has put forward the viewpoint of "new five features" on the issue of how traditional large and medium-sized enterprises develop e-commerce channels, that is, official app, official website (B2C), official blog (official Weibo), official Micro (official WeChat official account), official store (official micro store). That is to say, for enterprises in today's era, if you want to do a good job in e-commerce and enterprise Internet + services, you can not only rely on Baidu search traffic, Tmall Jingdong's platform, and the promotion of various advertising alliances, but to establish The enterprise is self-centered and has its own digital marketing matrix.

New digital enterprise breaks through

    The so-called "five senses" point of view coincides with Xu Yuandong's "breaking three laws and five ideas" proposed in 2017. The so-called "new three no" means no entrance, no official, no data. What is "five self", namely self official website, self marketing, self channel, self center, self media. Enterprises should change the appearance of San Wu, establish Wu Zi, create their own marketing matrix, and realize the self-centralization of private domain traffic.

    Nowadays, not only do we need to do a website, open an online store, but also do various small programs (such as WeChat, Baidu, Alipay, etc.), WeChat, Toutiao, Baijia, Penguin, etc. Similar to media, in addition to various short video platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, and Microvision, various shows should also participate. This is the original intention and positioning of Le Puppet, carrying the mission of "make business simple". Le Puppet fully uses digital tools such as AI services and big data to help companies build a digital communication media matrix, empower marketing, and become a global SME. Digital Marketing and Marketing Department. This is a new continuation of Xu Yuandong's dream of serving small and micro enterprises.

    "22 is called the angel number. 22 has the ability to turn most ambitions and dreams into reality. This may be the most successful of all numbers." Xu Yuandong started his career in his early twenties, from domain name investment tycoon to entrepreneurial marketing As a service expert, he always insists on helping small and micro enterprises to a higher level, not only to realize their dreams, but also to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams.



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