Tent manufacturer 【Spring and Autumn Tent】 Founder Ou Dongme

2020-06-02 08:21 | Readtime: 4min

    I (Ou Dongmei) come from a humble town in Hunan. Like thousands of young people working south, they came to Zengcheng, Guangzhou, from their hometown, and worked in a translation and business consulting company.

       In my heart, I am not willing to live like this, and occasionally the small heart will "swell". I want to change my destiny, and hold my destiny tightly in my hands. Since then, I have quietly used the off-hours and participated in the Japanese college education. Slowly, slowly, I have some language foundation and can do some simple reception work. As a result, I moved from a handyman to a sales position, contacted a Japanese company in China, and continued to visit customers to strive for expansion services in the Chinese market.

       I'm more stubborn in market sales, and I have to win orders if I work hard. Gradually, the boss saw my efforts and perseverance, and did achieve some small results, so I was transferred to a professional position to do business consulting for clients. Finally, I waited until the moment I wanted very much. I said goodbye to the nine-to-five and five-handed, and became a professional senior white-collar worker in the workplace.

       I didn't know how hard and "hearted" it was during the more than 7 years, and in order to make sales performance, it was necessary to simultaneously improve the Japanese level in order to achieve better performance. At that time, except for sleeping, I worked hard and learned Japanese for the first 2 years.

       It was also during that period of hard work that I was married and is now the mother of 3 children. During those days, I had to take the children and do a great job in the workplace. The difficulties and hardships were really hard to look back on. You want to make life smile to you, but life will not smile to you casually.

       After the youngest son was one and a half years old, my heart “expanded” again, to realize my long-established life goals, to be my own business, and to realize my own value. So in the second half of 2016, start to start a business. What can be done to start a business?

       Not far from my home, there is a tent manufacturer who passes by every day when commuting to get off work. Seeing that there are so many goods to be shipped out every day, I think the market for tents must be huge. Let ’s do the project of tents. I ’m a person who works hard and works hard. If I do it, I first register for “Guangzhou Chunqiu Tent Co., Ltd.” and then rent a factory to buy equipment to recruit workers. In November, finally everything is ready for the order. But how can I get the order?

       The old method, riding the electric car, went out every day to issue company leaflets, and went out almost every day for two consecutive months, at least 300 copies a day, and more than 500 copies a day. Taking Zengcheng as the center and a radius of 50 kilometers, riding an electric car through the streets and alleys, sending various stalls during the day and various gears at night, this is the most primitive way to do business. All the tips are issued, and in which direction the sun is shining, I can judge which one needs a tent and which one does not.

       After the Spring Festival in 2017, after the first two months of delivery, a lot of small orders of 300 ~ 500 yuan came one after another, of course, there are tens of thousands of orders. The bosses of stalls and stalls saw that I was so hard to go out early and returned late, maybe I was a little touched. Anyway, if I want to make a tent, then let me do it. Haha, hard work does not live up to hard work. Too.

       Soon, by July 2017, I think this is an era of e-commerce, no matter the size of the enterprise must be an e-commerce. But I didn't have any e-commerce foundation, so I ran a dozen Internet companies in the afternoon, and finally chose the most expensive Internet company, let them help me open Aliwang shop, and assist in some promotion. As a result, in the past few months, I have studied hard and received several large orders, including many well-known enterprises including Sofia wardrobe and Guangzhou Automobile Group.

       Although the tent industry is chaotic, my own hard work can never be done like that. I must let customers experience that making tents for me is reliable and valuable, so the quality of tents and engineering is not insignificant. , Must do its utmost to ensure quality and timely completion.

       So far, although it has only been in business for more than a year, there are more than 300 small and medium-sized customers, and it has achieved a slight profit in capital preservation in the first year. Now there are more than 50% of repeat customers, and old customers also introduce and recommend new customers to me.

       Finally, what I want to say is that please believe me firmly and give me the tent to make it, which will definitely make you feel why not let me do it earlier? Ou Dongmei will make you a tent and will never regret it, never regret it.



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