The entrepreneurial story of Liu Lihua, founder of Hanshi Te

2020-06-02 08:23 | Readtime: 5min

I am Liu Lihua, the founder of Hanshi Technology. I have worked in a research institute in Guangzhou for 9 years since 1985. I have participated in a number of major scientific and technological projects designated by national ministries and commissions. There are many papers cited. Special thanks to this experience for learning how to carry out scientific research and training me to be a researcher.

In 1994, with the social tide, impulsive, and a few brothers went to Kunming, Yunnan to establish a stone enterprise. Thanks to the method of finding information by scientific research, it quickly clarified the production methods and standards of stone for the enterprise, as well as the information on the supply of stone in various places. In the era of information asymmetry, the business was quickly accomplished, and in the past few years, Kunming World Expo, Kunming Hotel and many other stone difficult craft projects were all sometimes indirect by our enterprise and will be done for us. The benchmark enterprise of Yunnan Stone.

Transformed the development of sandstone mines in Yunnan in 2000. There was no suitable mining method at the time of sandstone mining. Two experts were not able to give a suitable method, so I had to turn over the books to check the information. Inspired by the use of skewered paper roll explosives in Shandong, I felt that using detonating lines, I tried a few times and found a very good method. More than ten years later, mines have still adopted it, driving all mines in the entire mining area to learn Our method, because we used this technology, saved the detonating cord production plant. Invented the stone stain cleaning agent (national patent product), which solves the thorny problem of black spots in Yunnan sandstone. So far, almost every major real estate company in the country has used real estate in Yunnan sandstone. It has been exported to Germany, Italy and Australia for more than ten years. It has made a less categorized variety into a world-famous stone variety.

Stone is too alkaline and sticking is a difficult problem in the stone industry. Seeing that there are many unsatisfactory, even absolute pain points in the stone engineering, for this reason, the stone business for many years was cut off, and I settled down to form a research team with the senior chemical industry of Beijing University of Chemical Technology to improve through years of development tests After five years, it has completed new inventions and new technology products that have made the industry at home and abroad impressed.

Now it has been proved that stone 919, 619 and other products are widely used in dozens of well-known projects in China, and there are almost no quality complaints. For the pan-alkali problem that cannot be completely solved, and forced to adopt the method of "stone dry hanging" which is almost double the engineering cost, Hanshi's 919 can be perfectly solved.

Recently, Hanshi Technology has undertaken the research and development project of CSR Group's high-speed rail caulking agent. The mass production of inorganic artificial stone has been put into production in two factories. Six new technologies in the industry, such as waste magma utilization technology, are also approaching. end.

My colleagues and Han Shi are very low-key, and may have been low-key to no one's attention, but the high-tech products we developed may not be able to catch up with our counterparts in the stone industry for 3 years.

    Guangdong Hanshi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Hanshi Technology) is located in the South Gate of China-Guangdong-Foshan, stationed in the Nanhai High-tech Park. It is a company engaged in polymer material R & D, production, sales and construction technology services High-tech company.

Hanshi has strong technical strength, cooperates with scientific research units such as colleges and universities, has high-tech core technology, follows the "solving problems" strategy, and takes "new materials, new technologies, new processes" as the criterion, independently innovates R & D and production, and breaks In order to solve the technical problems of the stone and construction industries at home and abroad, the products produced include stone bottom sealants, water control mortar additives, bathroom waterproof leakproof glue (low pressure), house waterproof leakproof glue (high pressure), roof waterproof leakproof glue, etc. The products exceed national standards and meet the needs of customers in the construction industry. Focusing on the development trend of the stone industry, successively introduced non-resin inorganic artificial stone manufacturing technology and waste slurry utilization technology.

Hanstone products have been successfully applied in many fields such as stone industry, house construction, subway, tunnel, highway, reclamation project, dock and dock, etc., and are widely used in various projects, such as Evergrande Real Estate, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, high-speed rail Subgrade, Longhu Real Estate, Taihe Real Estate, Famous City Real Estate, Country Garden Real Estate, Guangzhou Metro, Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou Asian Games Arena, Guangzhou World Trade Center Building, Guangzhou Traffic Control Command Center, Jilin Songhua River Bridge, Fuxia Expressway, Yinluan Famous projects and buildings such as the Jinjin Tunnel have won high praise from more than 300 enterprises and institutions.

Hanshi, based on science and technology, with a global vision and ambitious strategic management, has a long-term vision in the process of globalization, is the creator of excellent technology, and strives to build an industry-influential enterprise!



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