The entrepreneurial story of Ding Wei, the founder of the in

2020-06-02 08:24 | Readtime: 1min

  My name is Ding Wei, the founder of Shanghai Langqi Machinery Rental Co., Ltd. Although the company was only recently established, it has been in the inkjet printer industry for many years, serving the US Squidink Chinese factory, and has been doing technical services for inkjet printer after-sales, such as equipment maintenance, incoming sample proofing, on-site installation, pre-factory inspection Wait. From the whole machine maintenance to the small screw nut, years of experience accumulated on the scene, the technical details are already clear. Full of confidence in technology.

    My entrepreneurial vision is to serve 100 companies that are like family to me, and only serve 100 companies wholeheartedly, so that they are only satisfied with my technology and service, and have no regrets.

    The founder says

    Using the US Squidink printer as the only option for starting a business is not only because my technology is tough, but more importantly, I have feelings for it. It is not only technology but also feelings that have accumulated over the years.

    I want to be very professional and very dedicated. I only serve 100 companies like my family, and I will not do more than 10 brand sales and services. Many people would think that if an extra brand earns more money for a printer, no, I would never do that. I want to be a dedicated service provider for Squidink printers with no sincerity and no profit.

    A good set of printer equipment is composed of ultra-high-quality ink, extremely friendly operating software, and intelligent modules.




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