The founder of MS glass glue brand [Hui Ergu] founder He Hui

2020-06-02 08:24 | Readtime: 2min

The first venture failed, let me realize that the truly environmentally friendly MS glass glue is very popular in the market, so I took the courage to start my second venture. I found a well-known domestic chemical research institute to cooperate with R & D, and found the world-famous Japanese patented MS glue technology and raw materials. Since then, Huiergu MS environmental protection glass adhesive has autonomy, and guarantees that there is no formaldehyde and silicone. It truly achieves nearly 100% environmental protection of MS adhesives, and there is a clear distinction between MS adhesives mixed with 95% fish dragons, and the market has responded. Generally applauded, sales progressed relatively smoothly.

In 2018, the factory put in two more 2000L production lines, introduced German reactors, and double-star power mixers, and the annual output increased by another 3,000 tons, and we also focused our business on home improvement glue, because this is for the benefit of millions of people. Household matters.

However, the current market is still inferior currency to drive away good currency, our sales are still resisted. The price of counterfeit and inferior MS glue is extremely cheap, and more than 90% of consumers cannot distinguish it. The price is also used as the main reference standard. No matter how painstakingly I explain, it is still difficult to eliminate the purchase behavior with the lowest price as the standard.

I think that no matter how difficult it is, it is difficult for the first time to start a business. No matter how much energy I spend, I must firmly promote the environmentally friendly MS glass glue, so that thousands of households can use environmentally friendly and safe glass glue.

Hope you see here, you should understand how I look forward to, and look forward to your wise choice.

The truly environmentally friendly MS glass glue is in Huiergu, and I believe He Hui is a person with faith and reliability.



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