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2020-06-02 08:26 | Readtime: 6min

    When he was 17 years old, he studied carving with relatives. Careful friends will find that our online store was registered in 2005, and that year was also the third year of my career in this industry. Since I returned home to work alone, no matter how much money I make, the most important thing is that I am not constrained. The daughter-in-law helped me fight, this situation lasted for half a year. My neighbors saw that I was selling quickly and started to follow suit. Without my fine craftsmanship, the prices were low and the time was long. My top sellers were not easy to sell, so I slowly worked less and less. When I'm not alive, I thought about designing some other styles, such as the lying rabbit that I started to play with. I will enlarge it to one foot, various shapes, lying on the ground, turning his head, shaving his body, etc. Various sizes and shapes, and later developed hotel gift decorations, (now the neighbor is still doing the little white rabbit at home).

    When there was no business, I was a little irritable, facing a pile of stones and the noise of the engraving machine every day, plus the business was not good. I wanted to change the industry at that time, but it was not easy for me who had never entered the workplace. So, with the computer fever in those years, we bought the first computer in our village at that time and started our Taobao dream. The son was born in 01, and the wife took the child. Look at Taobao. At that time, no one taught, relying on groping. Because I had the product, I did n’t worry about the source of the goods. Because I was at home, I did n’t lose my craftsmanship. I don't understand, just know that it's okay to take a picture and put it, and it's ugly. What kind of light, angle, accessories, all haven't thought about it, what marketing, traffic through trains, none, arrogance ... Even so, it took one year to earn back computer money. In fact, at that time, we should continue to persevere, and it will not be a drill until now. It has been abandoned to the present, and we began to do it carefully some time ago.

    At that time, giving up Taobao really had no vision, just thinking about it. Because of the variety of styles and styles that attracted more and more customers in the past, I also learned more jade materials and places of origin. I also brought my apprentices. I could buy a computer for two months. We spent a year, and our parents thought we were not doing business. So I gave up the Taobao shop and continued my hard time of jade carving ... I learned a lot of handicrafts, which are crafts, from dragon boat ornaments to jade boats in hotels, to neck straps. Zodiac signs, mascots and the like.

    I got off the topic, and then worked for a few more years to save some money. It happened that our place was to be developed. The villages were building houses. Wealthy houses were built. We borrowed money to build houses. Various houses were built for almost a few months. Within that, the old look of our village changed, and we also built two sets, and then owed a butt debt again, hoping that the previous craftsmanship will not work, and the entire hard work will be exhausted. So he came to Xinjiang and began to contact Hotan jade and golden silk jade. At that time, the stone called Gobi Beach was officially renamed Jinsiyu in April this year. After two years of tossing all the debts owed when building a house, a lot of materials were collected. The store also invited a master. Now that I am relaxed, I have been doing this for a few years, and I see the right materials as soon as I see them.

    In Xinjiang these years, a comprehensive and systematic understanding of Hetian jade is a characteristic of China. With its history of more than 7,000 years, it has become one of the ancient cultural symbols of my country. It is known as Oriental art and enjoys a high reputation all over the world. However, the current serious overcapacity in domestic production and the serious homogenization of abrasive batches have led to vicious competition in the market price war. The result is "counterfeit, inferior, substandard, crude, chemical dyeing, etc.", many sales of Hetian jade bracelets, Hetian jade pendant, (Jasper bracelet, jasper pendant) simply replace Hetian jade bracelet with low-grade jade color.

    Hetian jade pendants, (Jasper bracelets, jasper pendants), all kinds of wholesale from the jade market stalls as long as they look similar to Hetian jade or jasper, deal with the packaging, with genuine Hetian jade bracelets, Hetian jade pendants, (Jasper bracelet , Jasper pendant) the price is then sold to users. Therefore, the current domestic market is in chaos, and users simply do not know which one is genuine and which is dyed laser-treated Hetian jasper jade.

    Do not think that the price of dyed Hetian jade or jasper will be very low, no, he is smarter than the user, his price is indeed cheaper than our regular enterprise, but it will definitely not be half or more cheap, because it is too cheap The user does n’t believe it anymore, so he will position the price below Hetian jade or jasper. The price is close to us, and it will always be cheaper than the Hetian jade or jasper of our jade jade platform, and then you will feel the advantage. This is the truth of the current Hetian jade or jasper market. The current Hetian Jade Market is no longer a competitive Red Sea, but a mixed sea of fish and dragons. To put it ridiculously, Hetian Jade or Jasper is no longer sold as an art gift or jewelry. It may be sold according to the weight of Hetian Jade or Jasper. Xinjiang The government bans mining every year, but you will find more and more Hetian jade, which is really a big irony.

    As a large number of "counterfeit, inferior, substandard, rough-made, and stained glass" Hetian jade or jasper flooded the market, our new and old customers unanimously reflected that the Hetian jasper jade in Zhuoyutai, Xinjiang is better than its counterparts. The fundamental reason is that the quality and craftsmanship of Hetian jasper in Xinjiang Zhuoyutai is getting better and better. We have never made counterfeit, substandard, rough, and stained glass Hetian jasper jade. So far, hetian jade in Xinjiang Zhuoyutai Jasper has achieved no quality complaints for five consecutive years, and I have always advocated "no after-sales service is the best after-sales service."

    Therefore, Xinjiang Zhuoyutai and Tianyu Jasper can do better than the average counterparts, because the true true meaning reflects personalized customization, unique and unique. The real crisis is not a financial crisis, but a crisis of morality and credit! Work hard to gain. Impetuous society should calm down and slow down!

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