A century-old shop in the Changshu apparel industry

2020-06-02 08:27 | Readtime: 6min

At the beginning of the 90s in the last century, Changshu night, the neon lights at the beginning, the silhouette like a shuttle, the night market is noisy, there is a tricycle on the road of Lao Yan Gang that is very eye-catching, it is always surrounded by a group of ladies with happy smiles, they may be flipping Gorgeous pieces of cloth, or commenting on the new products of the season, one night after another, the tricycle and Ms. Aimei formed a beautiful scenery on Lao Yan Gang Road, leaving a warm memory in the hearts of the citizens, and that scenery The host is now Bao Hongshang, vice chairman of Changshu Taizhou Chamber of Commerce and chairman of Jiangsu Golden Scissors Clothing Co., Ltd.

From setting up stalls to sell imported fabrics, to setting up a Liyuan cloth shop with only 10 square meters, and then to running a fashion design and production agency, Bao Hongshang worked hard in the apparel customizing industry where his colleagues have left, unremittingly, and finally created a " "Golden Scissors" this loud brand.

Bao Hongshang started his business in Shanghai when he was 16 years old. At the earliest, he and his fellow villagers exchanged daily-use plastic products for food stamps, and then sold them to restaurants in surrounding cities. On one occasion, Bao Hongshang came to Changshu, and he was deeply impressed by the beautiful scenery and dazzling apparel. Bao Hongshang loves beauty. After much consideration, he decided to work in the apparel industry. With the money he saved in Shanghai, Bao Hongshang resolutely returned home to run a small clothing factory against the opposition of his family. However, due to lack of experience, he eventually lost ten. Tens of thousands of yuan, these hundreds of thousands of yuan in the end of the 1980s when the "ten thousand households" had just risen, but it was absolutely astronomical.

The first painful blow in his life left Bao Hongshang deeply imprinted. Under the invisible pressure, he came to Changshu in an incognito and buried himself in the clothing business. Every time he went out, Bao Hongshang got greedy early. "The most impressive one was to go to Changzhou to set up a stall," said Bao Hongshang. "It was a 37-degree high temperature day. I set off at 6 am and didn't return home until 2 am. The road was 100 kilometers long. The tires were hard on the rough road It broke through no less than 10 times, but I stuck to the end. "It was this time of sharpening that made him more firm in his belief in changing his destiny.

Through five years of hard work, Bao Hongshang ’s stall became bigger and bigger, he achieved the goal of turning over, and paid off the arrears. Inscribed in his heart was the word "struggle". Five years later, he ran to Changshu for the first time. Yu Shan shouted a long-lost self-confidence on the top of the mountain, and Bao Hongshang said excitedly: "Looking at the beautiful city at my feet, I felt very warm and warm in my 20s. I was determined to cut out the Yucheng people with the scissors in my heart. Beautiful, cut the future for yourself. "

The present of gold scissors

In May 2000, Bao Hongshang invested more than 5 million yuan on Fangta Street (next to one hundred) and founded a clothing design and production agency with the registered trademark "Gold Scissors". "Gold Scissors" on the one hand represents one's own pursuit of clothing quality, on the one hand represents the customer's need for distinguished identity.

Bao Hongshang said: "The clothes of gold scissors are different from the products on the assembly line. Our products are all completed independently by one-of-a-kind boutique craftsmen with one stitch and one thread!

Bao Hongshang said: "Whenever new customers return with satisfaction, and whenever old customers come happy, it is their most fulfilling moment!"

Custom-made clothes are different from ready-made clothes. Because customers have different ages, body types, and preferences, there are many requirements, which is prone to errors. Therefore, it is very difficult to control custom-made clothes. Bao Hongshang is often in the front line and always warns Employee: "Criticism and criticism of customers are our driving force. We must continually make corrections and trust our customers with better service!"

It is Bao Hongshang's excellence that makes today's golden scissors fashions reveal the taste of international brands, and the shop assistants are very confident when introducing ready-to-wear: "The international brands are famous, but the price is expensive, and the price of golden scissors is moderate. , Quality does not lose big names at all! "

After two decades of ups and downs and relentless pursuit of quality, "Golden Scissors" has now become the choice of many Changshu people to order overseas study dresses, business suits, wedding dresses, and high fashion. During the interview, the author also I met a pair of Taiwanese guests who came from Kunshan. They were choosing Tang suits for the sake of the elderly. This pair of guests said: "It has been 7 or 8 years to become a golden scissors customer. Often bring friends and family to see, Golden Scissors has become the dress code expert of our family! "

The future of gold scissors

As the saying goes: 30 stands, 40 is not confusing. 40. Confused Bao Hongshang has a sound judgment in the face of market changes. His next step is to upgrade the original Golden Scissors fashion production agency to a boutique-made apparel company:

The first piece is the storefront renovation. Bao Hongshang invested to expand the original one-storey floor into a three-story fashion hall of 2000 square meters. The first floor is a tailor-made suite, mainly for units and individuals, providing professional wear, dinner wear, and custom-made suits. ; The second floor is the wedding dress hall, which provides wedding dresses for newcomers and families; the third floor is the clothing design salon, which is a platform for communication between clothing designers and clothing lovers.

The second piece is the expansion of the store. In 2011, Bao Hongshang had opened a golden scissors wardrobe at the main entrance of Lao Pin Korea City. The hot sale of clothing in the wardrobe proved that the quality of "gold scissors" has been recognized by consumers. Soon, President Bao will open two “golden scissors” branches in Suzhou and Hangzhou.

The third part is brand building. With 20 years of experience in the field of custom-made clothing and relying on the supporting facilities of the Changshu apparel industry, Bao Hongshang has established a fashion R & D and design team to use the idea of branding as a business. In the future, it will create a "48 "Hour ready-to-wear" service.

Talking to the best, Bao Hongshang is particularly grateful to the customers of "Gold Scissors". Without customers, there will be no company today. Gold Scissors will continue to work hard to repay customers with better services, so that every consumer comes with a happy mood. Pick "Artwork". The good feelings of customers are their dreams and the driving force for perseverance. "Golden Scissors" will step by step, continue to be refined and strong, make a century-old store in the apparel industry, and create a brand classic in Changshu, the hometown of clothing.



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