Founder of Pinai Medical Technology Beauty, Ms. Silvia Zhao

2020-06-02 08:28 | Readtime: 3min

    She went to Spain to study at the age of 17 and is a high-level marketing major. She is proficient in French and has developed smoothly in Europe. At the age of 20, she entered the L'Oréal headquarters as an intern. Facing her slender, fair-skinned colleagues, she saw that she was not outstanding in the mirror. She was secretly distraught: her skin was dull and yellow, and she had an old-fashioned age that was not of this age. She has just harvested romantic love, determined to change herself, in order to give each other a high-quality lover, but also for her beloved beautiful career.

    Occasionally, the company commissioned her to do a research in a small village, where the scenery is beautiful, the flowers beside the road are gorgeous, the springs flow through the jungle, and the fragrance is fresh and elegant. To her surprise, the people here did not apply Fandai, but they looked pretty, and their skin was hydrated, full and shiny. After inquiry, they learned that the locals did not use particularly expensive skin care products, but picked local materials and picked natural plants. Flowers and plants are used for simple processing with the secret skills passed down from ancestors to care for your face. After trying, her skin was finally improved and her face was hydrated, full and translucent, but she was not satisfied with it. She had to change her dark yellow skin and completely whiten it.

    She visited major beauty institutions in Europe, tried various methods to whiten, and finally found the secret of European women's white skin: a beauty project that is popular in European countries, and she is also the most direct beneficiary. This whitening project The instrument emits dynamic red light to irradiate the whole body, completely crushing melanin, and the resistance to ultraviolet rays is also significantly improved. At this point her skin finally became fair and transparent.

    In the past five years, the ugly duckling has transformed into a white swan. With the support of her lover, she decided to return to China and bring back the beauty of the natural flowers and plants and high-tech whitening instruments to China. To contribute to the beauty of more women in the country.

    She is the founder of Pinai Medical Technology Beauty, Ms. Silvia Zhao.

    The pure natural flowers and plants, after professional research and extraction by the Silvia team, finally made Pinai's star product: Purslane Moisturizing Series products.

    The magical high-tech whitening instrument was introduced into China by Silvia to overcome many difficulties, breaking the traditional whitening method and creating the first domestic technology whitening project: PI light bath technology whitening.

Silvia started from the heart. Since she couldn't stop the passage of time, she tried to find ways to prolong her youth. Now 30-year-old, she has 20-year-old muscular age, as lively and beautiful as a little girl, and as noble and elegant as a swan. Silvia appeals to women all over the country: stick to dreams and beauty, and women must be beautiful because of love and fight for beauty.



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