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2020-06-02 08:29 | Readtime: 2min

    I went on a business trip in 2018. At breakfast, I was introduced by a friend. I ordered a bowl of rice soup and rice wine at the most famous rice hotel in the local area. After two bites, it was difficult to continue.

    I come from the ancient town of Changle, next to Changsha. The Miluo River behind my home is famous for Qu Yuan casting a river.

    The upstream water system is developed and the downstream is flat and open, so the groundwater quality is very good. The ancestors used local three-inch glutinous rice and Huilongmen well water to make sweet wine, which has a history of thousands of years.

    There are more than 100 sweet wine workshops in our town, all of which are traditional practices, with different brands and different techniques.

    Since the 1970s, my family has built a facade to sell sweet wine. From natural fermentation to greenhouse fermentation, sweet wine can be produced in 36 hours.

    Last year, I experimented many times, changed to intelligent temperature control, one-key fermentation, energy saving and labor saving.

    It is called sweet wine or brewed wine in our place, and it is called rice wine and mash in some places.

    When visiting relatives and friends, you must bring two altars. People in the city love the sweet wine, and confinement likes to drink it. After all, the original is the best.

    From the catering chain to the traditional industry, it is derived from love and passing delicious food to everyone. It is also happy to be tired!

Brand Honors

Changle Sweet Wine, a specialty of Miluo City, Hunan Province, China National Geographical Indication product

Changle liqueur is rich in nutrients and contains sugar, minerals, organic acids, amino acids and B vitamins

A variety of nutrients, it is a tonic to relax muscles, strengthen qi, refresh and refresh the brain, and remove rheumatism.

During the period of Jingyou in the Northern Song Dynasty, Changle Street began to brew sweet wine.

In the Yuan Dynasty, when Emperor Yuanshun did not reach the treasure, he was sealed in Jingjiang and went to Fan Passing Changle.

Once drinking this wine and joy, praise said: drink this wine for a long time, happy and forget your worries.

Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty went to Jiangnan for three times, and once stationed in Changle.

Hotline consultation: 188-7302-0015



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