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Yang Liyuan: I am the founder of Shandong Yuxiu International Trade Co., Ltd. and major in international trade.

    Born in a place where peach blossoms bloom in Shandong province. Because peaches are as big as bowls, they can be eaten by inserting a straw, and they are famous for their sweet and unique taste. One side of water and soil nurtures one side, and is influenced by Confucian culture. Mother taught us that we have to study hard before we have a good time.

The first job after graduation was to be a foreign trade clerk in an instrumentation company. Mainly sell temperature sensors at Alibaba International Station. The salary is very low just after graduation, life is stretched. In order to live a better life, I went to find a part-time job on the weekend. There are a lot of bearing factories in the place where I am, so I will take advantage of my own circumstances to draw orders for these factories, and the boss will give me the commission.

    Slowly, the performance was good, and I switched to a bearing factory to work, and continued to pull orders. The discipline of the society made me slowly understand that to be able to make some achievements, you have to endure hardships. At the beginning, because of the lack of workers, I also went to the assembly line and worked as an assembler or a packer. Especially during the Spring Festival, the workers went home, from the morning to the 3 a.m. and 9 a.m. the next day they had to go to work normally. With four, five, and forty feet tall cabinets installed, I wouldn't be able to walk after loading the goods, my neck was stiff, and my hands would lose consciousness in winter.

Looking back at the green me, the gray-faced me, the helpless me. The previous efforts were not in vain, and the years gave me more. Learned a lot of basic knowledge about bearings; starting with raw materials, turning, heat treatment, grinding, sleeve riveting, grease capping, finished product detection and packaging. Through a comprehensive study, I have a systematic understanding of the production process of bearing products, quality systems and some foreign certification requirements. Laid a solid foundation for my future work. Later, some customers asked us to help purchase the bearings and go to inspect them. Based on the quality of the bearings, I can speculate which production links of these bearings have problems and how to improve them. Some engineers who have worked for a long time have taken a look at me.

    As the company grows and develops, I have also participated in the OEM projects of several international first-line bearing brands. Although it was abused and collapsed, it also saw deficiencies and gaps. Even if you put in most of the labor and finally become a sweatshop, you can only get the least link at the lowest end of the smile curve.

I have been doing this for a long time in the bearing industry and discovered some status quo of the bearing industry. A fake bearing is rampant, because the popularity is relatively high quality, imported bearings are loved by domestic consumers, plus selling real bearings is basically not profitable, and the huge profits from selling fake bearings cause the market to have more fakes than real ones. It is harder to buy genuine bearings than Dengtian; second, high-quality bearing products are basically exported or OEM for international brands, many of which are not sold domestically, and cannot be bought by the Chinese; third, most of the bearings Consumers do not recognize the company because it has no reputation. You fight for life in the low-price market. In order to survive, we can only take over the list first, and then we can't help making money if we take the list. We can only use our brains to cut corners and cut corners to recharge the second-hand bearings. The quality of the bearings produced is worrying. In the end, it became a manufacturer of low-quality bearings. As a result, the quality problems have become worse and the reputation is getting worse, struggling on the edge of survival!

    With the development of reform and opening up, the economic level has improved, and our requirements for quality have become higher and higher. In the past, the supply was low and the money was not available. There is an oversupply but still no quality products. So everyone went abroad to buy toilet seats, and after buying it, they found that they were made in Zhejiang. The bearing is also the same. Almost all well-known bearings in the world are produced in China, which shows that China has the ability to produce high-end bearings. But we Chinese can't buy high-end precision bearings! I spent a lot of money to buy imported bearings. Most of them are fakes. Support domestic products. I do n’t know which one to buy.

    When we Chinese can also use high-end precision bearings has always been a wish of me. An entrepreneurial heart is on the move, in order to be able to produce high-quality bearings. The bearing materials, equipment and processes are very demanding, at least not less than the standard of OEM for those well-known international brands. We know that the requirements for ourselves are two times higher than the requirements of customers for us to produce for customers. Satisfied bearings can make us use our own hands to build a world of fists in this fiercely competitive market. After many investigations, we have adopted Japan's advanced processing technology combined with full-programmed control to achieve rapid automated pipeline operations. The product accuracy can reach more than P5, the noise can be below 20 decibels, and 90% of our peers cannot! Hard work pays off, our products are of fine workmanship, accurate, smooth and quiet; many customers consistently report that the quality is not worse than imported!

    From scratch, so far there have been many Fortune Global 500 companies purchasing our bearings and exporting to 58 countries and regions including Europe and America. More than 80% of customers are old customers! Since we have adopted automated assembly lines without human error, we have no quality complaints for four consecutive years!

    Don't be tempted by fake and inferior profiteering; do not falsify, do not cut corners; only compare quality with peers, do not fight prices with peers!

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