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2020-06-02 08:30 | Readtime: 5min

Luke culture

    Talk less, do more things, and make things as simple as possible.

    Here are some simple keywords (short sentences) to describe the Luke culture:

    Obsessive-compulsive disorder / paranoia / solo /

    Personalized and low-key / extremely responsible / tasteful /

    Love and hate are clear but more wisdom is needed / People love and hate /

    The company takes profit & win-win as the goal, profit is the premise, and win-win is necessary / teamwork / so that others ca n’t /

    Wait, wait, to continue to improve, you need more help.

    If you like this company culture, you absolutely have to talk to us, there is nothing wrong with it.

    It is best to send an email first:, mainly for fear of unclear phone calls :-)

Well done in the front, why should we re-create "Lu Ke"?

    The reason is very simple: it is to do more meaningful "focused" management-"stubbornly" insist on "do small and fine".

Many years ago, my first boss introduced himself to me, and I still remember it very clearly-"We are small and sturdy" and deeply moved me.

Luke is transliterated from LUXX, which means LUXURY and Good LUCKS. It means that our work must have the intention of making luxury goods. (This seems to be expressed by the so-called "artisan" heart, which was originally a good word, but now everyone is saying that he has the heart of artisans, so I dare not use it again) Another meaning is that I hope to be able to add more Luck, luck is really important, no matter how great it is, bad luck, it is all in vain. Especially when you meet an excellent partner or a high-quality customer, you have to cherish it.

    Touching and rolling, and starting my own business over the years, I have consciously seen many people and many things. Some people say "certainly no problem", but generally there are problems. Some say "do something, we are professional", but generally coax you. What's more, maybe some masters can think of fooling you with the keywords above.

Some people are lucky but I am not one of them. I have not tried and errored for several years, kept summarizing and accumulating. Without me, everything is hard-won, and it is worthwhile to cherish and encourage.

Core Business

    Lu Ke's core business includes two major items, "customized booth" and "customized display cabinet".

    The system requirements for booth customization projects are very high. I have always said to my colleagues: "We are doing A-level booths, do not confuse them with others." (So if you want to achieve the ultimate, you need an A-level luxury team), and showcase customization is an important part of the exhibition stand (one), a luxury-level booth cannot be separated from luxury-level showcase customization, and the showcase also Can be independent of the booth, suitable for professional exhibition halls, large shopping malls, professional activities, etc., of course, the scope of application is more extensive.

Luke showcase customization used to mainly serve high-end design companies such as Germany, Denmark, and the United States. They produced drawings or we produced drawings according to their wishes. Then we began sample preparation, experimental assembly, multi-party confirmation of quality details, batch production, and finally All parts of the country (ball), including various high-end international professional exhibitions, events or long-term use for exhibition halls.


    Our partner network has been operating for many years and has formed a stable cooperative relationship.

    95% of our current customers are from abroad. In terms of project management and production process requirements, 100% of our customers are high-end customers, regardless of size.

    Sometimes I would jokingly ask our customers, why did you choose to cooperate with us?

Here are some simple English phrases to share with you:

• Work with Integrity-what we Chinese call "integrity"

• Quick turn-around-Express feedback

• Relialbe man-reliable

• Very fun to work with you guys-Very fun to work with you guys

• Even above German Quality-jokingly said that we surpassed German quality

• You are very different-You are very different

• Detail-oriented-Detail-oriented

• Very easy to work with-it ’s easy to work with you

• Straight forward-very direct

    Whether it is booth customization or showcase customization, it is already a red sea of mixed fish and dragons, but our business is growing steadily every year, and more and more companies have expressed great interest in working with us. Why? I think the above is more or less the answer.

    A short story. I have a Turkish customer who has been working together for 3 years. In the second year of cooperation, they told me that a competitor's quotation was lower than ours by about 30%. Impossible, because according to our conventional gross profit, on the premise of ensuring quality, it is absolutely impossible to make profits. We tell customers directly that they cannot guarantee quality. I asked them to send me the quotation if possible (of course I told them not to show the competitor's name). Surprised again! Their material description is almost the same as ours, but the price is almost the price of the material supplier, and some are even lower. Maybe you will be surprised below. On the surface, we seem to have no advantage, but after explaining the communication in the following emails and checking the details, they finally chose to cooperate with us. Then the third cooperation became logical. This story simply illustrates some issues, and I often share them with my new employees.

100% of our customers are high-quality customers. High-quality customers must also care about the price, but high-quality customers care more about whether we are high-quality? More concerned about whether we are a quality company?

    It may be the essence of business that things gather together and people divide into groups.

    Welcome high-quality customers from all over the country (ball) to communicate with us.

                                                                   — — Lu Ke founder



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