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2020-06-02 08:30 | Readtime: 3min

Hi ... This is Cao Haiyuan, welcome to the Yuan Dynasty fashion website!

Yuan Dynasty Fashion Website is affiliated to Beijing Qida Jiaxiang Cultural Media Co., Ltd.

I have been working in the company for many years, and I have gained a lot. I am naturally mature in doing things and doing things. The company I started doing in 2010 has done a lot of activities,

Occasionally, I entered the modeling industry a few years ago. Some large-scale events have dominated or participated, such as the world beauty contest, Beijing Fashion Week, commercial shooting, model catwalk events, etc.

Beautiful young models can always make people shine, and feel the beauty of youth and the beauty of life. I am very happy that I have the opportunity to participate in the model industry. I hope that I can do better and better.

Model-Provide exclusive model for GUCCI many luxury photography

Preferred-The model is selected well, just a blockbuster is a blockbuster

Shooting-Looking for Yuan Dynasty Shooting

Fashion Week -30% of Yuan Dynasty models walked through Fashion Week

Pageant Champion-The world champion of Chinese pageant contest 2018 is from the Yuan Dynasty Model

15 seconds short video-1 second to understand, 3 seconds to grasp, 15 seconds to produce the urge to buy.

Champion: Chu Wei

The 2018 Miss World Tourism Image Contest China Finals, the founder of the contest was created by Liu Chuanjiang, the first person in China's beauty contest. It is the only world beauty contest in China. The contest is very interesting, and I am very happy that the champion was won by our Yuan Dynasty Model Chu Wei. There are few companies that have done beauty contests. Our Yuan Dynasty fashion is one. 30 players pushed from more than 10 regions across the country. On the luxurious cruise ship of Nuoweizhen, we will sweat and bloom youth on the beautiful sea. The most beautiful moment for players!

I was tired of a dog in the competition, my voice was dumb, and the players were not much better. I kept training or training on the deck every day. The 10 cm high heels looked painful, walking from 7 am to 11 pm Many people's feet are worn out, the blue sky, white clouds and the sea can no longer be seen. Fortunately, the cruise is stable enough, and everything is going smoothly. On November 1st, the game ended successfully, and the theater of 2,000 people was full!

Shooting: flat +15 seconds short video

I have been painting for many years, graduated with a bachelor's degree in design art, and like photography. Mode agent has been doing it for so long, and the orders for shooting have been done. The European and American women's clothing brands made by my family, more than 30 direct stores and franchise stores in the country are all in large shopping malls. The costumes shot in each issue are used on Taobao Jingdong and shopping mall posters. Of course, the 15-second short video of the main picture of the e-commerce is also well taken. The short video of the vibrato is inevitable for everyone. When customers choose Model in the past two years, the focus will be on I asked if I had shot a short video of the commercial of the promo video, but I just wanted to ask how the model performed. Not only did I only look at the level of the shooting plane, but I have paid special attention to the model performance since last year. I believe it can meet the needs of customers. !

No matter shooting planes or short videos, everyone ’s goal is sales, not just publicity, but useful publicity. With this mood, we are doing a 15-second short video: 1 second to understand, 3 seconds to grasp, 15 seconds to produce The urge to buy.



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