Anti-static floor wax manufacturer 【taimei】 Founder Qiu Weic

2020-06-02 08:31 | Readtime: 5min

In the 17 years since taimei was founded, 85% are old customers, and no quality returns have been made for 8 consecutive years

    I am Qiu Weichao, the founder of Dongguan Taimei Anti-Static Products Co., Ltd., from an unknown village in Guiping, Guangxi.

Like many people, for life and dreams, he came to Guangdong in the summer of 1997, and worked with several hydrating buddies in the village on the construction site. Due to the lack of technology, he could only do small jobs, move bricks, move sand, pull sand, pull Cement, beating, etc., this is the dirtiest and most tiring job on the construction site, and the salary is also the lowest. After a day of work, I feel like I have fallen apart and my back is sore and sore. At least there can be a foothold. You can also earn some pocket money.

    After half a year like this, I finally entered an electronics factory near the construction site and lived a mechanical life of three points and one line. I went to work, eat, and sleep every day. Every day in the workshop, the ever-changing world outside will never be known. Although it is much better than the wind and the sun on the construction site, there is no wind and waves, no need to be scared, this has passed for nearly two years, but I think it is like a frog boiled in warm water, can not continue to do this, this is not the life I want mode.

I always feel that when I come into this world, I must do my own business.

    In 1999, after resigning, he came to Guan to join his classmates and found a salesman job in a company that produced antistatic wax. Choosing to do the job of running a business is destined to eat some closed-door soup, cross-browed cold words, the wind and the sun and rain are commonplace. The boss saw that I can endure hardships, and I am not afraid of tiredness. I was trained in anti-static knowledge and floor wax Knowledge and application. I personally took me to the market to meet customers and teach me business development experience.

After 3 years of training, I have a certain understanding of anti-static knowledge and floor wax. Finally, I can independently develop the business market. Although the process is bitter and bitter, the result is still very worthwhile.

    In Dongguan, around 2000, the factories were blooming everywhere, like fur, and the demand for anti-static floor wax was large, but the market information was relatively blocked. In the process of selling anti-static floor wax water, I saw many people who made quick money and tried to harm the floor wax users. , Resulting in the loss of money of anti-static floor wax users is several times the price of anti-static floor wax, also saw anti-static wax users on counterfeit and shoddy, inferior filling teeth and teeth, see anti-static floor wax users on genuine anti-static Sincere expectations of floor wax, I told myself at that time, if one day, I started my own company, I would have to be worthy of my own clients to do anything.

    In order to realize the dream in my heart, in August 2003, I quit my job and started my own business. At the beginning, I was not well-known, and I lacked capital and production experience. It is much more difficult to expand my business than I expected. Every day, I take a bus to the intersection of various industrial areas, and I look for customers one by one. I often see a person carrying a business bag on his shoulder, holding a water in his hand, walking in the streets under the hot sun, working 12 For more than hours, regardless of day and night, anti-static floor wax is sold everywhere. After more than a year of hard work day after day, the business gradually improved.

    Recalling that at that time, there was no so-called business pattern, just doing things silly, everything was based on survival. Before 2007, the company was running around for survival. Since 2009, the production, testing, and business departments of taimei anti-static products have been on the right track. Today, there are many Fortune 500 companies working with us to purchase 30% of my anti-static floor wax. Know how to advertise yourself, just insist on being silly, insist on making the bottom line of genuine anti-static floor wax, and get the care and support of a group of old customers.

    Since the company was established 17 years ago, 85% of them have been old customers, and there has been no customer return for 8 consecutive years. I hope that users who purchase my anti-static floor wax will not only step on the pit, but also buy the same quality, quality, longevity and brighter effect. Good floor wax, I understand in my heart that customers choose taimei anti-static floor wax among many suppliers, which is trust in me, deviating from the quality, and must be eliminated by the market!

    In order to provide customers with more stable floor wax, our taimei antistatic products company uses different materials for different floors, and then produces wax water suitable for various floors. The raw materials are imported resins and antistatic polymer compounds. Taimei anti-static floor wax is 30% more wear-resistant than domestic counterparts, and its brightness is more than 20%. The effect of taimei anti-static floor wax is the same as that of foreign brands. The price is 30% lower than that of foreign brands. Taimei anti-static floor wax is better than imported goods. !

If you want to know more about us, you can search for the anti-static floor wax king Qiu Weichao online, or add micro-signal 13565670519. There are many articles on purchasing floor wax water and how to avoid stepping on the pit. And look forward to our successful cooperation!



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